disibility and lupus ?

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    I have had lupus for 8 years and i'm really tired of fighting the every day to day pain .Does anyone know that if a person can claim disibilitity benefits from having lupus? thanks todd
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    Hi Wm: I have lupus but also other disabilities and I was approved for SSDI. What is most important is that the disabilities that you have be of such a severe nature that it prohibits your ability to work, then that you have the full support of all of your doctors that you are fully disabled and unable to work.
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    I just found this site today in a goggle search .
    It has a lot of information on SSDI .
    Ignore the top title this info was posted on a cirrhosis site
    however it covers alot of other illness and take you through the
    application proccess step by step and even has a Q&A part.

    Hope this helps you some. Don't give up hope . People with Lupus
    qualify all the time for SSDI. It all in how you and your doctor
    present your physical limitations to them on paper.

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    I am not sure but in my opinion I think it would definitely be worth a try. My mom's friend's wife has lupus and she still works but she's always suffering. I'm sure she's going to reach a point where working will become too much for her and too will try to claim disability. The thing is whenever ANYONE files for disability no matter how severe their problem is, they get turned down at least 2 times before finally getting accepted. And if you worked a lot of years then you should get a lot of money. My mom is currently on disability because of a back injury from work. She's on worker's comp and S.S.D. It's worth a shot. I hope you get it!!

    Christine Michele