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    Good morning everyone
    I hope some one can help me, I started on my ssd, so they are sending me to their drs.one is a MD, what are they looking for? And the other doctor is a psychiaty. I know i am a little crazy worrying about what I cant do anymore.
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    I suppose they are trying to document weather you really can't work or if they think you are applying under falshoods. I am also going through the process.If their Doctor says you can work then they can deny the claim.My own Dr just diagnosed me. I haven't worked in the preschool for a year and half almost two now.

    I guess they have to do that to weed out people who just aren't honest and could be working but choose not to.Just be honest but careful in what you say and do. If it hurts, say so.Too many people fake things. So then they question people who really do need help.
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    Very good point nink.

    I did get a lawyer. He did inform me they always (almost) deny the first application. But you have a better chance if you have a lawyer who knows the timing for appeals etc. It is a long drawn out process but can be shorter when using a good lawyer.

    My problem will be that I have multiple conditions which alone do not make me disabled but the combination of each thing acting on the other.

    Back lower
    Back/ neck
    bladder / bowel stress incontenence
    Plantar Fasciitis (foot/arch pain)
    Allergetic asthma (which affects incontenence)
    Asthma triggered by perfumes & tobaco smoke etc.
    Vertigo episodes
    chronic fatigue & insomnia
    hands / feet swelling & pains
    left hand grip problems (can't lift coffee pot in morning)
    inability sit long
    inability stand long
    walking sometimes unstable
    forgetfulness (foggy headed)
    dizzy spells (especially when need to eat)
    irregular (hemmoraging) periods
    chronic charlie horses in muscles
    muscle spasm
    restless legs syndrome
    Chemical sensitivities
    Raw allergic rashes to sanitary & incontenece products
    Depression from health and family/financial issues
    Stress of nonsupportive spouse (financial, emotional etc)

    None of these alone (to my knowlege) are grounds for a disability claim but put all of them together? Seems there is always something flared or the good days aren't consistant.

    So, anyone in the know (work for disability claims) tell me if I qualify or am I wasting my time?
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    I had to take my son for both the physical and the psych exams. Because my husband is also one of my son's doctors, I was able to have the test results sent to him. Haven't heard from the psych exam, but the physical exam results stated that since was able to pick up 50 lbs and lift 25 lbs. , there was no reason he shouldn't be able to do this 6 hours out of an 8 hour work day! My son was trying to be compliant during these tests; it took him 3 days of bedrest to recover from lifting those weights just once!
    The Psych. Dr. got real sarcastic, rolling his eyes, when my son mentioned that his faith in God helped him get through his days of pain and discouragement.
    I have a feeling he will be denied SSI benefits and that we'll will have to appeal. Believe me, we will appeal! Grrrr... MotherJo, my advice is to go through the tests, but don't push it. My husband always tells his pts. to do their very best BUT NOT TO THE POINT OF PAIN! My poor son tries SO HARD to be normal & honest, and hurts himself; in this case not just physically, but with the test results.