Dissolving karma? or just crazy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JoFMS, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. JoFMS

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    Hi All,

    I feel so messed up at the moment. like my brains being messed around with. Diagnsed with fibro 2006, later that year, fatigue hit me hard and I've been going downhill ever since.

    To cut a long story short I was reading Dr Lowes reaserch on central hypothyroidism so thought as 44% of ppl with FMS have central hypothyroidism that I would go to my doc to have a test - big mistake!

    So I have a normal blood test for thyroid - TSH etc and asked about the other tests and he refers me to a specialist physician who I saw today. Anyway at the end of me seeing the physician and going through my symptoms and with him asking questions such as 'do you feel sorry for yourself at times' or 'do u look forward to the day ahead', he's now referred me to a psychologist as he can't find anythign physically wrong with me.

    Anyway also whilst doing this I am having some kind of treatment called radionics frm a distance and the guy has said that my major problem is parasites that have been there many years and made wounds in every part of my body so now will take a long time to repair.

    The next thing he said was that it is taking longer than expected to heal me as there is serious karma that he has found difficult to dissolve. I'm not very spiritual or religiuos I have to say but would like to believe a little in cause and effect and have read lots about it but does that mean we have all done something bad as we end up like this? I now feel like it's all my fault that I'm sick but can't see what I have done.

    Anyway, this all leads me to think I'm going slightly insane and is messing with my head and all I really want to do is just get better coz I feel like my body's been posioned! Should I just stop researching and leave everyhting alone? I'm desperate to get better which is why I've tried so many bizarre things as I still have hope.

    PS I'm not going to the psychologist as I've been to one before and don't believe it's what I need, they just seem to make you believe you have some mental problem when it's the ilness that makes you down, same as any chroinc pain would. I was perfectly fine before I got sick.

    Any views, please????
  2. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    That's not really how karma works. That's a very crude interpretation of a beautiful religous tenet.

    That's someone that believes strongly in what psychologist term "Just World"

    JMO I don't believe in "Just World Theory" myself. I believe it is just a world.
  3. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    I can remember the minute I got fibro. I knwo that sounds crazy but I can pin it down to the very minute it happened.

    If it is mental, well, ok, what happened was the freaking doctors left me in so much pain my brain just snapped.

    BUT what I think happened is that I am smart and I learn very well. And at that moment I was in so much pain - and had been for so long - that I KNEW it. Like in the Biblical sense or something. And the minute I learned it, and knew it, my entire nervous system rewired itself. One circuit closed down, and another one opened. It seemed that way to me at least.

    I was sitting there staring at my foot - the one that was killing me that everyone kept saying they didn't see anythign wrong with - and they wouldn't even -ray, and it hurt so GD bad and I was left just to deal with it day ina nd out b./c they woudl not give me any pain meds. On top of that, my mom had just died.

    And I was looking at my foot, considering cutting it off -seriously - and I thought "so this is pain" and boom - suddenly I knew pain all over my body.

    THAT is what is wrong with us. We haven't been introduced to pain. We don't have it as a guest in our home. WE KNOW IT WELL, we are married to it.
  4. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    I want a divorce.
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Were all the thyroid tests done? Some of us cannot convert T4 to the T3 needed and we have to supplement our T3. Most docs do not do all the tests. If he did and your thyroid still tests in the "normal" area, it doesn't mean you are normal for you. I test in the normal range but my doc has me on a very, very low dose of Synthroid and it makes all the difference in the world. It's the difference between needing a daily nap every afternoon and not needing one.

    No one can tell anyone else whether what is happening in his or her life is Karma related and no one should try.

    Therapy can be very helpful in learning to live with our problems but it isn't the treatment for our real, physical illnesses. It can help with the anxiety and depression which our illnesses can cause, but anxiety and depression are not the causes of what ails us physically.

    Keep looking for a doc who knows what he or she is doing and one who believes in our illnesses.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Hey guy's..

    Do check out these sites. "StopthethyroidMadness.com" Also read into Wilsons throid syndrome.

    I was diagnoised with hosimotoes in 92 was not treated by 95 I was going hypo with symptoms and signs. I was subclinical by then and nothing showing up. That is before I knew about makeing sure to have the T4 T3 and TSH done. I begged doctor to put me on trial of thyroid..( make sure it is armour and it helped) I have been on it for years now and was not improving then read we need to be treated by symptoms not the test. I read "StopthethyroidMadness" and took info in to GP. She is good and does testing I ask for and willing to work with me. I talked her into going up to 120 mg of Armour which was twice what I have been taking for years and it has helped my depression, pain,hair falling out, eyebrows grow back, skin get better, energy increase. I am not done yet..but guy's...dig dig dig. Also I have food allergies, low levels of iron, B12, have chronic EBV and HHV1 so lots in this pot. Also get a book called Treating And Beating CFS and Fybromyalgia by Dr.
    Roger Murphree. I'm going to tell you you will be glad you did...this is awesome and everything plus kitchen sick..you will understand what is happening.Please do this. Also check out his site TreatingandBeating.com...and go and read his stuff and look under tab Heath concerns..Read up!!!
    I sure hope this helps you all. This is not in your head..and not Karma don't fall this stuff.

    God bless
  7. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I'd forget the karma thing. There are plenty of people who like to think that we brought illness upon ourselves. Even plants get sick. It's just nature. Survival of the fittest.

    In regard to the thyroid problems, our problems seem to fall into the area of sub-clinical, or what is termed 'normal' in medical terms. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of my thyroid issues.

    Make sure to keep copies of all the tests. From my research I found out that a 'healthy' TSH is around 1. or slightly lower. Get tested for thyroid antibodies. You may need to get alternative help for this issue. You can google complete thyroid assessment to get some good info on tests.

    I'm sure we all go through some stage of feeling crazy. I think it comes with the territory of having an invisible, misunderstood disease. Maybe you could slow down on looking for answers.

    I like to suggest digestive enzymes as a first step. According to research our bodies don't absorb nutrients properly. Getting improved nutricion can be important before trying other things.

    Hope things improve for you.

  8. tansy

    tansy New Member

    in the mid 80s but it did not help my M.E. one bit nor did it make any difference to the consequences of mechanical and other inherited problems.

    I'm not against professional counselling or psychotherapy etc but I have observed patients with these DDs end up with more psychological problems because their therapist/psychologist had no idea what they were treating and acted according to their own belief system.

    Unless you have other issues a good support group can be more helpful than professional, or self appointed "experts", who have their own agenda. A good example of this is the CBT and GET on offer in most of the fatigue clinics the UK which are based upon misinformation.

    If you believe you have thyroid issues please try to get them identified properly because they can be treated. I've made improvements through seeking out other Tx myself but have been helped by doctors at various stage of my illness who understand M.E. and the many abnormalities found in ME patients.

    As for not finding anything physically wrong with you; are they doing the right tests and investigations?

    It is not your fault that you are ill, good people get sick, people who lead well balanced life with a healty lifestyle get sick; you should not allow anyone to persuade you otherwise. You did not deserve to become sick and you do not deserve to be treated in this way either.

    Behviour like this me makes me angry and more determined to continue my advocacy work though I'm finding it overwhelming atm.

    Over the last few weeks I have had dialogues with professionals who are aware of my past and current advocacy/work on behalf of PWME and several of them where involved including an important local project in the 80s. These positive dialogues have helped to spur me on. Needless to say these dialogues informed professionals are very different from the monologues you have had.

    tc, Tansy

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  9. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member


    (A) please read this article on radionics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radionics

    (B) anyone who tells you that you have "serious karma that he has found difficult to dissolve" either knows NOTHING about karma, simply desires to separate you from your money, or for some reason gets a kick out of messing with you.

    (C) this DD is NOT brought on by "bad karma," and even if it was, no one could remedy that, except you. The idea that some else could "dissolve" your karma is ridiculous.

    Don't waste your money and energy on the "bizarre" stuff. There are no miracle cures, just lots of ways for unscrupulous people to take advantage of you.

    There is so much good advice on this board, on how to heal, cope, and feel better... the solution is probably a bit different for everyone... don't give up, you are not crazy, and DON'T quit researching. Just remember when it comes to someone offering a "cure," "buyer beware"!

    Blessings and warm regards,
    Layla (Lee Ann)
  10. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I think there is something to Karma. I really do. But this sounds bizarre. I say "horsepucky" to the docs who tried to convince you it was (dare I say it?) all in your head or that you were riddled with parasites. If you did have parasites, a test would prove it. But long-distance parasite healing? I don't think so. Don't buy into the old "You're sick because you asked for it" routine. That kind of thinking can make you sick! :)
  11. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    I very much agree with what you said about "You're sick because you asked for it". In my crowd we refer to that as "New Age Guilt," sometimes it's not malicious but just misguided and judgmental. In many ways I think we do create our own reality, but sometimes, for cryin' out loud, things just happen. How we respond to or handle what life throws at us, that's up to us, and that's what we have to assume responsibility for. But ask for it? We'd have to be nuts, lol.

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  12. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    That is too funny!!! roflmao!!!!

    I want a divorce too, but I'd settle for a long-term trial separation, if I could get one!

  13. pOMegranate

    pOMegranate New Member

    hi there ~

    i've only read your initial post (not any of the responses) & i feel frustrated FOR and WITH you.

    your exper. sounds familiar.

    unfortunately many people take advantage of people who are in vulnerable times.
    like us.

    these questions are SO inane, condascending & do not deFINE/answer anything!
    "'do you feel sorry for yourself at times' or 'do u look forward to the day ahead', he's now referred me to a psychologist as he can't find anythign physically wrong with me. "
    a million different ppl. with and without our health symptoms could answer the same!!

    i absoLUTEly agree w/ this statement you've made >
    " they just seem to make you believe you have some mental problem when it's the ilness that makes you down, same as any chroinc pain would. "
    (about psychiatrists)

    i have witnessed that it is in many of their best interest's to convince us we're crazy + medicate us. the drug industry is a BILLION dollar business & too many a.holes are benifiting from our "unwellness".

    i also believe that there are MANY different treatments that are HIGHLY effective at treating & curing CFS/FM (along with Cancers, HIV & all the rest of the diseases).
    these cures are being witheld from the populations because the drug co.s would LOSE too much $$$$.

    okay; i'm done with that piece.

    MOStly wanted to pop in here & say:
    NO, i do not believe you're "crazy".
    YES, ANYone would feel this depressed etc after dealing with chronic illness for years.

    as far as the *karma* stuff.
    personally; i think that is buLL (what this man is telling you).
    i'm a very spiritual person ~ i happen to believe in past lives.

    but i am Furious abt. the things i've heard ppl. do/say, who you 'd think would KNOW Better. NONE of us have done something bad to deserve this. something we have to 'burn off' karma for.

    for him to say that is IGNORant & Dishonouring of your experience & all the factors that go into someone developing (sp?) these illnesses.

    that is one belief system that people have; but, it's innapropriate to project it onto our situation.

    i'm gonna stop now.

    i hope this was helpful in some way.

  14. pOMegranate

    pOMegranate New Member

    i LOVE them.
    YAY that so many people supported you & KNOW that this type of treatment is b.s.

    i LOVE this response:
    "In many ways I think we do create our own reality, but sometimes, for cryin' out loud, things just happen."

    What i've concluded is that life is 1/2 random things we do not have control over & 1/2 a result of our attitude/perspective, what WE'VE created (the percentage may feel different for different ppl...)

    I've been dissapointed with the New Age commun. because there is often the implication that ALL is under our control. that if we thought positively enough; we would not still be feeling sick.

    It's a damaging, easy way out for many (consciously or not). Then they can feel safe in their belief that if they just think positively enough; they'll never go down this road


    it takes any responsibility off of thEIR shoulders to help us Heal!

  15. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Get a new doctor. It may take a while.

    I test normal for thyroid. I am on 60mg and now I am cleaning house - not every day but it's a start.

    I am thinking about moving up a bit.

    Do research on thyroid, find a new doc. DOn't waste your energy trying to convince a bad doc to try new things.

    Try functional medicine or alternative (but not that far out there)

    Phooey on the karma thing- doctors like to put the blame on you and the it's in your head is the favorite ploy.

    Move on and find some help.
  16. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Thank you all so much for your support. This board helps me alot and am so glad I come here.

    I agree with everything you all say. Luckily the radionics is free as it usually costs a fortune as it is a freind of the family, my Dad is doing something in return. I certianly wouldn't pay for it. Apparently he's still doing it but I guess it's neither here nor there.

    My reflexologist keeps picking up my thyroid, adrenals, stomach, sciatic nerve, back, neck, shoulders, breast pain, kidney and bladder so it's obvious to her there's something worng and she is able to give me very good feedback about progress within my body or deterioration so will stick to her.

    Thanks again, this really did help me. I'm even considering flying back to UK where I am originally from until I get to the bottom of this. I have lived in SA for 2 years and seen all the docs in my area but will be going back to one of my nicer GPs to see if he will put me on an Armour trial after writing a letter requesting it in another post.

    Love you all - thank you!!!!

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