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    I came across this and wanted to share it with anyone else who has been particularly distressed lately. It helped me calm my chaotic mind...

    This week's thought

    Close your eyes and visualize a river flowing into the sea, and see
    yourself holding on to the bank of the river, and the river flowing
    on past you.
    Now, let go of the bank of the river and flow down with the river and merge into the sea of life.
    Feel yourself, right at this instant, living in the here and now. Holding on to the river bank, we hold the consciousness of time and space.
    Holding on to the banks of the river of life is to recreate within you fear, worry, doubt, anxiety and nervousness.
    Detach yourself from the banks of the river and again be free.
    Love the banks as you pass with a love born of understanding,
    and if you have no understanding of the bank, study your attachments until you do.

    Learn to attend with the mind so that you can study, not from books,
    but from observation, which is the first awakening of the soul. Learn
    to study by practice. Learn to study by application. Become a student
    of life and live life fully, and as you merge into the sea of actinic
    life, you will realize that you are not your mind, your body or your
    emotions. You will realize that you are the complete master of your mind,
    your body and your emotions.

    Relax into the sounds the river is making and
    try to feel the universe.. when a thought arises from your subconscious, something about your
    daily life, a problem or difficulty, pluck a leaf from a tree or bush,
    mentally put the problem into the leaf and place it into the river.
    The river will carry the leaf away along with the thought you placed into it.

    Then pluck a flower and humbly offer it into the river with both
    hands in loving appreciation for doing this great service for you

  2. Mikie

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    Visualizations are very powerful means to relax, control your BP, heart rate, etc., and vibrate to a higher spiritual plane.

    My therapist used hypnosis and visualization to help me learn to be a well person again.

    Love, Mikie
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    I really liked this visualization. I`m going to have a to print it out and use it. Thank you for sharing it with us.