Diverticulitis Attack? And "Academic" Medical Approach?

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    I too am not a regular poster, but occasionally come on here to read the latest postings hoping to see something that offers more hope. And to empathize with others suffering from this cursed state as well.

    I also come on sometimes to ask opinons of related medical issues. If the shared advice isn't actually technically specific, at least it is sympathetic and often you get directed to areas that can be more specific in helping you.

    Today I want to share about a "diverticulitis" attack I had almost one week ago. I may have had these in the past without knowing what they were and just suffered through tem until they passed. But this one was the worst I have ever experienced.

    I was laying on bed and got up and instantly doubled over with pain in lower left abdomen that felt like I had been stabbed with a knife there. I was so bewildered.

    I thought maybe I had an inguinal hernia. 30 years ago I had one of these and it reminded me of the pain.

    The pain also felt like the pain AFTER that surgery. For two weeks in the cut area there was this sharp pain soreness. Hey, I HAD been stabbed there!

    My local ER has such a horrible over-all medical record of me in the last 4 yeras I am afraid to go up there anymore and be put down, angrily chastized and even referred to the psyche ward.

    So many times I have gone to them with pain and weakness issues and they do their 3 or four basic tests, come up with nothing negative and then they get angry at me for coming.

    So, with this new pain, my fear of that humiliating experience kept me home despite the intensity of this pain.

    Also, within one hour of this pain I felt "flu" like symptoms. Chills, sweats, fever, bone ache all over. Body flu type feelings that came on instantaneously, just like my lower left abdominal pain! Weird.

    No nausea though.

    The fever ( close to 100 ) went away later that evening but the body pain and SWEATS didn't.

    Finally after 24 hours of holding off seeking treatment for these symptoms and with no relief in the pain I went up to the ER.

    After a two hour wait I was seen and registered and then placed in their "Prime care" wing and after telling the doctor my symptoms he said he was 99.9% sure I was having a diverticulitis episode.

    He was going to do a lower CT scan to verify this diagnosis but he saw in my records that I have had too many of these in the lst 4 years so he held off.

    They took blood and urine samples and didn't see anything worth "concern" and they gave me IV saline and antibiotics and Phentanyl pain med.

    I was realesed around midnight with a prescription for Flagyl and Augmentin which I have been taking.

    I was told that if the sweats and fever came back to go back to ER immediately as this may be a sign of "perforation."

    So far this hasn't happened again but the pain on my left lower abdomen has never left. It has "dissipated" to maye 30 to 50% of the original pain 6 days ago and it is still constant.

    However, when I go to the bathroom and have a BM, this pain shoots up to the original onset level again and last for maybe 1/2 hour afterwards.

    I know that this isn't from "straining" while having these non-stop diarhhea type stools ( 3 a day at least and was told this was from the Augmentin ) because these liquid stools just shoot out of me with no pushing needed.

    Why the pain increases druing the stool elimination? I have no idea.

    I was told to take another weeks worth of this antibiotic duo because my family doc feels it may take that long to clear this up as she knows I am still in pain.

    I take 3 Flagyls a day and two Augmentins.

    Any thoughts on this latest body stressing and exhausting malady of mine on top of all the others I have 24/7?

    Anybody got any ideas why the pian increases when my bowels move?

    I couldn't ask the doctor this as she was too busied on her laptop and only allowed me short periods of questioning and I forgot this specific question.

    Thanks, California Sufferer.
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    One doctor locally told me that I should leave this area for treatment of all my varied symptoms.

    He said that this area is nothing but "practice" doctors who are in a system where they see maybe 15 to 20 patients a day for short visits only.

    They don't take their cases for "homework" and do research to see why someone with a difficult case might be suffering.

    Once you leave their office your case is filed away until they see you again.

    He said I'll never get adequate coordinated /comprehensive study and evaluation in my situation here and I would be much better off calling an academic setting medical facility like UCSF or something similar where many doctors are in studies and training and they might take on my case and knock it around with several other doctors and "really research and study" this.

    This doctor who told me this said he understood the financial burden of traveling far away to another city and the cost of this which I don't have. But, he felt this was the direction to take if possible.

    Well, if I ever get a financial break ( Like a couple thousand dollars for a weeks stay in one of these cities and travel costs) I will do what he says.

    Any thoughts?

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