divine intervention

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    do you believe nothing happens by mistake and that there is a higher being working on our behalf. I do and this my story. 5 years ago my life was full of fear, stress and constant pain. I didnt know if I could continue working and my marriage was a mess but I was afraid to get out as I would lose my home. Feb 2002 on the way to work I had a car accident and couldnt return to work. I thought my life was over. My husband lost his job too. Then his mom died. I thought the car accident was the worst thing that ever happend and why would God do this to me. Well this is what it brought me. 6 months after the accident we ran some tests on my painful neck and discovered by accident that I had thyroid cancer hence it saved my life.As a result of the accident I could no longer work so I had to start 3 law suits , one for governement disability, one for the loss of job against the car who hit me, and one against my work disability who denied my claim. 4 years later I am cancer free, had enough money to buy my husband out of his share of the house, pay off my house, Im going to Greece in May, bought a new car, bougth a tredmill which has gratelly improved my health, so has the lack of stress. My life is better than I could have ever imagined yet at the time of the accident I thought it was all over. I just had to take it one day at a time and have faith that there was a bigger plan for me. That accident was no accident and I always try to put that theory into practise.
    hugs poodlemum
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    I'm going through a very bleak time right now. I needed to hear your inspirational story.

    My son developed a cough last Thursday night. He developed a fever on Tuesday that was so high, I panicked and took him to the doctor. By that time, his cough was very raspy and bad.

    The doctor told me he had acute bronchitis. Then he sent us in for a chest x-ray.

    Turns out my son's condition was even more serious. The doctor looked at the xrays and found out he has pneuminitis.

    What does this mean? He needs antibiotics, breathing treatments, cough medicine, etc., etc., plus follow-up doctor's appointments and x-rays.

    It was at this point that I realized, had I never left my controlling ex, my son would not have gone to the doctor so soon. (My ex didn't believe in going to the doctors for little things like coughs.) My son would have had to have been much worse for me to be "allowed" by the controlling ex to take him to the doctors. By the time I did get "permitted" to take my son in, he would probably have had to go into the hospital.

    If I had not been supported by my father after I left my ex, I would have been working full-time (despite the pain & exhaustion.)

    If I had been working full-time, I would have to had take lots of time off work (to give my son breathing treatments every six hours for many days, probably weeks.) If I had taken that much time off work, I would have lost my job.

    So I realize now that I'm in a ~blessed~ state for being ~enabled~ to care for my son, no matter how bleak life is at the moment. I thank God I'm able to be here for my son.
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    Yes indeed ,I believe.

    It has happened in my life also. Somehow-someway something will turn your whole life upside down and point you in the right direction.

    So happy that this has happened for you. You have been blessed. Enjoy!
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    thanks for sharing your storys. The bone mending story is a true act of a divine intervention for sure. As for the little guy with the cough, he will be fine. Stress in a family takes a terrible tole on our health. Now that your out of that terrible relationship your sons spirit will heal and his health will follow. I will keep him in my prayers. I would love to hear more stories , it gives us such hope.
    hugs poodlemum
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    It actually happens all the time if you really look for it.

    Here's one of my stories....

    My dad was retired for 3 years and was living a very nice life after serving 20 years in the Navy and delivering mail in the Northeast for 20 years. He and my mom moved to Florida in a nice community where you do everything in your golf cart. He golfed as much as he wanted to and loved it.

    My dad was always on the call list at the hospital because he had a rare blood type and was always donating blood. When he was 64 he suddenly became anemic - very odd. The doctor tested his sed. rate (which should not have been higher than 20) and it was 115. I later read in a book I had for a class I was taking that the two causes of an elevated sed. rate is rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. Well, the doc. tested my dad for rheumatoid and it was negative - so he said "you have fibromyalgia"! (ironic huh?)

    Nine months later I called him on his 65th birthday and nearly dropped the phone - he sounded terrible. I begged my mother to take him to a hospital which she finally did. He had multimyeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). My dad took treatment and although he couldn't golf, drive, or go anywhere alone - he did live for another four years. He did 2 days before his 69th birthday and one month before my parents 45th wedding anniversary.

    It has now been 5 years since my dad died. I talk to him all the time and have had little signs that he is around. When he first got sick I went to visit and I brought one of those little tape records. Unknown to him, I taped us having a conversation. After he died I went to the little makeup case that I kept the recorder and tapes in and the tape was gone. I figured I must have put it somewhere else but couldn't think where.

    A few months ago I booked a plane ticket to go to my Mom's - I'm leaving next Thursday. All the kids are going because November 5th would have been her 50th wedding anniversary. I hand't dreamt about my dad in a long time but all of a sudden I did and I couldn't remember the sound of his voice. It was very upsetting and I resolved to try to find the tape again.

    Two days later I was helping my ex-roommate pack and I was going through the closet in the living room. I saw the little make up case and it upset me because I knew the tape wasn't in there and I didn't know where it was. But, being stubborn I opened the case again and right on top was a tape that said "Dad 1998".

    Do I believe in divine intervention? Absolutely!
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    works in mysterious ways!! ;^)
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    For reminding us all that there is a bright spot in this mess we call "life"...

    It takes me years sometimes, but I realize that I am where I NEED to be at ALL the MOST important times in my life and the lives of my loved ones...

    When I first got sick, my Mom was dying, had I not been out of work due to my health, I would not have been afforded the time to take a long trip to see her during her last days...

    After 12 years, I was reminded this April that these DD's caused me to quit working altogether and I was home all day, every day for the last 6 months of my son's life...
    My "SON" was my youngest lab Moose...He was a beautiful boy who needed his MamaDove (hence my username) while he fought valiantly thru 5 years with epilepsy...I was able to be there with him constantly, time I would have never had if I was still working...

    I could go on and on, but you get the idea...

    We are all the type of people who love deeply and can't seem to do enough for the ones we love...UNSELFISH!!!
    We therefore need to be "pushed" in a direction that forces us to be where we would want to be the most anyway...

    When it's all over, we will be most grateful for those times and not how big our house is or how much our SUV cost or the clothes in our closet...Money doesn't matter after all...We seem to get all we need if we listen to our hearts and always do the right thing...As hard as life has been for me, I am thankful for the difficult times, it has made me the strong person I am today...

    Thank You Poodlemommy...
    From a LABMOMMY...

    Happy Thoughts and Sweet Dreams Everyone~Alicia
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    It's your friend Sue from Pennslyvania.... You are really one of the lucky ones.... I am sort of at the beginning part of your story. I was feeling very very depressed the last couple of days , so thank you for reminding me that God does have a purpose for our lives, and we may not always understand the why's and how's...
    Continued Blessings and Safe Journey to Greece....
    love, Sue
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    Thanks for the heart warming stories. I wanted to add that my twist of fate enabled me the free time to be there for mazie every day before she died, I have cared many times for sick granchildren, I stayed with my mom from beginning to end of her cancer surgery, I see my little grandchildren so much. I am always helping you girls with addiction problems. I use my time wisely to best surve others. Its a blessing
    hugs, poodlemum
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    This is so true. I had a job frm hell. My boss was a liar and cheat who made me the scapegoat for anything that went wrong.I was overworked and was mentally and physically used

    and abused for many many years.The stress and a car accident triggered my fibro. I remember saying to God to get me out of this workforce, the Corporate world. Well be

    careful what you wish for. Anyway here I am no longer working, very little stress in my life, moved closer to my family, in a nice home with an understanding husband

    working for a top rate company, BUT I have FM.Things do happen 4 a reason, sometimes the trade-off is worth it & sometimes not. Hope all of you hang in there. My mom got cancer abouy 4 yrs after I was out of work. We were never real close but I started to spend alot of time with her.

    Since we moved she wasn't far away. We talked all the time. I would never had made it through my disability cases without her.She was the 1st family member to really believe me about my FM. I spent the last yr of her life taking care of her before she died of cancer. And to top it off my dad had to have a bypass too. My family needed me. GOOD NIGHT TO ALL PIRT[This Message was Edited on 10/28/2005]
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    I actually do beliieve in this because i had an experience that I could never tell anyone about because I did not think they would believe me. I was sitting at my computer and I was looking up old classmates when I came upon my ex HS sweetheart and decided to write to him. I did not want to send it when I got to that point when I felt a huge warmth come over me and I felt drained from head to toe, I really can't describe what else happened but, it let me know sending that email was the right thing to do.

    I sent it and he responded the next day. We talked a long time back and forth and finally time came to see him. I was worried but, I was so happy at the time I lost some weight and felt he would not be too disappointed. Well, I found out that I could have gone there with one arm and one leg, he was head over heals with me and had been since 9th grade.

    To make a long story short, I found out that his mom , who loved him dearly and wanted himt to be happy, since 1st marriage was rocky, had passed. I also told him my dad had passed since we had known each other before. So I don't know what you think, but I really believe it was them getting us together. We are now very happily married. I had a very shaky 1st marriage as well.

    I have not seen spots like you mention in pictures, but I do believe there is intervention and that we all have angels watching over us.

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