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    Hello all! I just had to share something that happened last night. My husband, son and I were over at some friends to have leftover turkey dinner. The wife asked if I wanted to get away from the kids for awhile and go to Walmart to do some shopping. I said, ok. So we pull out and get only a few blocks down the road and we hear a noise. She pulls over and she has a very flat tire. So we call back at the house and my husband comes to fix the flat. We debated on whether we should just go home since alot of time was taken up fixing the tire. But we decided to go on ahead to Walmart, we would just shorten our trip. So we just about pull out on the highway and my husband yells "WAIT". So we stop. Out battery was dead, just from having the flashers on. So she turns around and gives us a jump start. Well, we all had this weird feeling that maybe we should just go home. We all talked about how it felt like we just for some reason weren't supposed to go to Walmart. We said, well, maybe we will never know.

    Well, this afternoon I get a call from the friend saying she saw on the news this morning how at about 9:00p.m. that night, the exact Walmart we were headed for was in a total lockdown. No one was allowed to leave, because there had been a robbery at a nearby store and the suspects had been seen at Walmart. Now, we would have been there at about 5:00-5:45p.m., but still we all just couldn't believe it. Who knows what might have happened had we went ahead and gone. They never did catch the suspects, I am just glad we weren't anywhere around at all that evening. I just wanted to share that to encourage you all to listen to that "still small voice" inside of you.

    Does anyone else have a story like that to share. I would love to hear some?

    Thanks for listening.......Billie
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    that things do happen for a reason whether they make sense to us at the time or not. Thankfully you listened to your inner voice and were spared. I am still trying to go that one step further and I am praying daily now. Hopefully I can totally commit myself and reap the benefits. Great story...queenbee
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    I truly believe that the Lord watches over us, and sometimes in strange ways.

    My daughter called tonight to tell me a strange one, sounded something like yours.

    She was running a little late today for work and a dentist appointment.

    She stopped for gas, got her gas and when she went to pull out from the pump, a lady pulled in front of her, and there was a man in back of her. She could not leave.

    She said she got a bit aggravated, but just sat there waiting for one of them to move so she could get on with her appointment!

    She looked toward the street (where at that moment she would have been if she was not been caught between the two cars), and saw an eighteen wheeler hit a pick up truck, which in turn hit another vehicle!

    If she had not been stuck in the gas station, that is right where she would have been!

    She told me she would make a point of not getting upset when something like that happened to her again!

    God moves in mysterious ways, we should never try to do something or go somewhere when everything seems to be telling us not to do it.

    By the way, no one was seriously hurt in the accident, but it did hold up traffic for hours.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thank you Shirl, for telling your story. She obiviously had some angels watching over her.

    Theres got to be more stories like this. I would love to hear them. It does my heart good, espcecially around the holidays.

    Anyone else???????

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    i love hearing stories like this and i do have one of my own
    a few years ago i was in a deptment store in the mall with 3 of my children and i got a strong feeling it was time to leave and my oldest daughter then 7 decided to play hide and seek in the clothes racks it took me along time to find her and when i did i started to give her the talk about how a stranger could have got her and it worried me that i couldnt find her we got in the car and drove home when we got there i turn on the tv and there at the same mall the same department store we were just at 15 min before a man was holding people hostage at gun point! we must have missed him by minutes maybe even seconds ,the man ended up killing himself,but i belive god lead me to the rack where may daughter was hiding and let us safeley get out of there before this happened i cant even imagine how paniked i would have been if there was a man in the store with a gun and i didnt know where my little girl was!

    shril im so glad your daughters ok praise the lord ![This Message was Edited on 12/06/2002]
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    This happened to me many years ago, but I'll never ever forget it...I was at a Kroger store shopping for New Year's Eve stuff and had just finished and was in line to check out, when I remembered something I had forgotten; some little loaves of sliced bread from the bakery to serve small sandwiches on. Anyway, I got out of that line and headed over to the bakery...when I got the bread and started to head back to the checkout line, I heard 3 pops...like firecrackers...then someone yelled for everyone to "hit the floor!" Well, I "hit the floor" and before I knew it everyone slowly started to get back up and when I got to the check out lanes, I found out that someone had come into the store and gone right to the exact checkout counter that I had been in line at, robbed the cashier and then shot the store manager 3 times and run away! (The manager survived, thankfully.) I would have been in that line when all of that happened, but, what I call my "little alarm clock" went off and told me to get out of line and go back for the bread! I definetly believe to this very day that divine intervention is my "alarm clock" and for many years, that "alarm" has gone off just in time to save me...most times I have listened, but sometimes I haven't and I have always regretted when I didn't, I am currently writing a book about my life and my "alarm clock"...It's what I do now that I can't work because of my CFS. I am truly a believer that there are angels out there and God does work in mysterious ways.

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    can you post this on the chit chat board also or can i transfer it i would realy love to see more responses
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    Feel free to transfer this to the chitchat board. I would do it but am not sure how. I would like to see more responses also.....Billie