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    Thank you so much for your warm reply.My husband is settled on divorce,I tried many things to try to make him think of what he;s doing,even though our children are grown I know it hurts them ,they have Chriatian principles and always looked up to us as good examples.That hurts me Very Much.They don't understand it we never argued or didn't get along but he has checked out emotionally for 3 years going back to the world no church, or bible, prayer nothing .I know how stupid it all is but he is spirtually BLIND.I've prayed for reconsilation he doesn't want anything to chqange his plans. maybe God wants him to gothruogh this so he can at least find his way back to Christ,that is the most important thing in the long run.I don't want to be divorced but I've told him i won;t stop him ( I can't in our state anyway)but I see disaster ahead he thinks its freedom.So I pray for Gods grace for me to not be bitter and keep serving Christ and to trust He will make a way for me in this mess in the last five years I've been through alot of trails, I'm just weary,phically ,spirtuly and emotionally, its so nice to have others praying it really does bless my heart,please let me know how to pray for you too,I want to be a blessing not just a taker.Gods Love-hotfoot