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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by hotfoot, Oct 3, 2004.

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    don't feel you have to write me a long reply ,or get back immediately with me I realize when our illnesses are at the worst that everything is an extra big effort.Sometimes just thinking is exhusting.My feelings won't be hurt I know I don;t get to alot of things I should .or feel are important ,but taking care of oursevles is important too. or theres not enough left over for anyone or anything else .There are days I've spent in bed and felt guilty for not doing enough,our illness demands we slow down or it puts us down.I read your posts on seeing this new DR.it's hard to be in pain and worry about outcomes of treatment ,different new symtoms its all overwhelming I am holding you up in prayer also,you are avery sweet ,senitive and servant of the Lord I am blessed to hear from you, at any pace you take,be good to yourself ,feel better -hotfoot

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    Shirl posted on the Chit Chat board RE: the action taken with Dixie..... perhaps reading her post will help you understand why....

    Blessings , b/c.
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    Hi, just read last night Dixie was baned? How do you get banned?I thought she was a sweetheart.Very helpful what am I missing,she aChriatian I hope thats not illegal.I'm pretty new here but it seems like you need to be be bad or perverted or something to get banned.I'll miss her is it a life long sentence?I feel bad for her.We can still pray for her I know shes going through rough times now.Thanks for tlling me hope to hear from you again. hotfoot
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    It is not complicated. If you read the board rules, you will better understand. I am very sure this had nothing to do with being a Christian.

    I think it started with something very simple, as I recall she posted something about birthdays on the Worship board, and the moderators asked she post something like that on the "chit chat" board.

    I do not know what went on behind the scenes with her emails with the moderator - but I know if you choose to argue, or ignore rules this can cause banning.

    People are not banned without warnings. I do not believe the moderators want to ban anyone. I have been here over a year now, and I think I understand the rules.

    If for some reason you are warned about something, best thing is to accept it, and go on.

    The value of the support here is far greater than losing your privileges over a conflict.