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    Dixie, thanks sooo much for being there for me.I'm sorry to hear your marriage is not good either.It does take two commited and loving people to have a good marriage, and it's very hard to see a good one die.I think our enimey Satan is warring against the family and Christians, so many are going through the deepest heart wrenching trials of there lives right now.Like Job.He wants us to give up on God,go back to the world and take our souls if possible.My husband use to be a sincere warm loving and giving Christian.We've been in spirtually abusive Churches and been ripped off by supposed Christians for thousands of dollars not just once but three times.I think it made him bitter,I was for a time too.But like Peter, my question is always Where can I go but to Christ?/there isn't another truth.I do pray for Him to come back to God but we all have free will, I don't believe once your saved your always saved.You can jump ship any time,I doubt there will be any rebels in heaven.I certainaly can't control Him or do I want to,Its just so confusing for to know what to do next.I won't be on his insurance when we divorce my medicine cost 165. a month I need to talk to my lawyer too, if he doesn't take his fee out of my settlement I'll have to get someone else,and I need disability,I've heard that takes a long time.My faith actually is improving so prayers are being answered I know it isn't my strengh I'd be a basket case by now without God thankyou so much for standing with me it is such a gift to have sisters in the fight who stand in the gap and unselfishly pray,how blessed God has given me such people now!!I will pray for your marriage also or any other requests you have.Blessings-hotfoot