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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by livin4him, Jul 8, 2006.

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    The doctors name is Greg Sullivan in Centerpoint. But, when you go be prepared to wait, and I mean wait. It is best if you can get a very first appointment in the morning.

    I do not think it would be good if you mentioned that you got his name from the internet though.

    But, because you do have to wait, he does spend alot of time with you esp. first visit. And he will also try new medicines with you. He is very kind.

    What medicines have you tried for pain? Let me know. When you see him just explain about what you have and how long, etc. What type of pain, etc.

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  3. livin4him

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    Hey there, thanks so much for posting. I will check this out. I'll find his number and try to get an appointment. I have pain all over but have really had problems with my hips and legs. I used to do warm water areobics but the aquatic center near me closed in Nov. I've gone backwards since then. It really helped. I hate to take a lot of meds. but am taking 1mg of klonopin at night and trazadone for sleep. I sleep well. Thanks again. DeDe
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    What really made a difference with my pain level was hydrocodone with APAP. I take a very small amount every day, the doctors are always surprised, but I am just very sensitive to medication. Have you ever tried this? You may have been given some to you by your dentist before, that is how I found out that it helped me.

    Again, I think it would just benefit you if you did not mention that his name was on the internet.

    He will also work with you on whatever other problems you are having also.

    Hope you can see him soon. Remember to try and get a very first appt. He stays pretty booked.

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