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    I have been growing my own probiotics according to Dr Myhill's instructions, and so far it has been working well. Admittedly it hasn't made it to a thick yoghurt state (this could be remedied with condensed milk) but it does make a probiotic drink. If anyone is interested in saving some money on probiotics I have pasted Myhill's instructions below.


    In theory any probiotics on the market can be used to start the culture going but in practice many of the dried
    preparations are inactive. You could try starting with plain live yoghurt, but the bacteria in yoghurt may be
    chosen for its ability to make tasty yoghurt rather than what is good for your gut! One of my patients swears by
    Kefir. Indeed, this idea of using fermented foods is very popular in many human societies and is associated with long and good health!

    The basic principles of growing cultures are simple and once it has been started it can be continued

    1. Buy yourself a “yoghurt maker” to keep the culture warm – either electric or a vacuum flask type is
    fine – follow manufacturer’s instructions.

    2. Find a suitable substrate on which to grow the culture – almost anything will do – milk, soya milk, rice
    milk, nut milks, hypoallergenic baby milks (such as Nutramigen or Pregestimil). If the milk is nonsterile
    then it needs boiling first to get rid of any bugs you don’t want. I am idle and use either dried
    baby milks, or long life organic soya milk. You could use fruit juice, but I would suggest adding in
    some pre-biotics such as fructo-oligosaccharides (from BioCare) that the bugs can ferment (I’ve not
    tried this yet).

    3. Add your chosen culture, wait 8- 24 hours and eat it! Find the optimum time that the culture needs to
    mature and turn into yoghurt. Save a tablespoonful of one culture to make up another brew.


    ### I have a hunch that the fastest growing bacteria would be dominant thus I would think that using a good single strain probiotic ahead of the multi's would be best###



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