Dizziness/Headache Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kathyw, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. kathyw

    kathyw New Member

    Are dizziness and headaches symptoms of Fibro? I had an MRI and everything was normal...does anyone else get these symptoms?
  2. sunflowerxo

    sunflowerxo New Member

    Hi Oh yes!! I have been told for years that I have benign positional vertigo and over the winter the dizziness, lighheadedness and some visual dysfunction had increased so they decided to do MRI which was completely normal. After being diagnosed with FM the last 2 months realized that this goes with FM.... It is horrible but currently seeing naturopath and taking Nux vomica which really seems like it helps...
  3. cookie1960

    cookie1960 New Member

    hi kathy,

    Dizziness was one of my first symptoms of FM. I also had an MRI (2 in fact) which came up "clean". A low dose anti-anxiety med helps me with the dizziness. I take it daily to keep the dizzies away.

    As far as headaches go - I've suffered from migraines for about 30 years and just recently started on topamax to stop the migraines. Having some weird reactions to the topamax - but trying to stick it out.

    But yes...headaches and dizziness are both symptoms of FM.

  4. kathyw

    kathyw New Member

    Well...that's a relief to know that these symptoms are common. I had a MRI which was normal as well. I also take anti-anxiety meds for the dizziness.

    Thanks for sharing.

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