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    for the past 2 weeks have had a hot feeling in my ear and down my neck sinus on right side feels stuffy, been dizzy all the time not light headed just certain movements and walking make me not wobble but it is as though the room is moving, dr gave me medication for vertigo serc - 16 did not help had alook in ear said she cant see a infection but has given me klacid forte tablets 500mg twice a day for 5 days if not improved go back, it is affecting my shoulder watching tv even being on computer and up the back of my neck feels heavy and stiff.any suggestions has this happened to anyone else any input much appreciated thanks.
  2. greatgran

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    Not sure exactly what is going on it does sound like somehting to do with the ears
    or sinus..Do your ears ring? I had this feeling for months and the only thing that helped me was bed rest..in a dark room with my eyes closed and lots of water..

    The doctor also gave me xanax because this feeling was causing a lot of anxiety for me...

    Not sure if its the same thing but its a miserable feeling...

    Good Luck
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    I have been experiencing some really odd symptoms on the right side of my head too. I have felt like my hear was, for lack of a better word, clogged up and stuffy, the right side of my throat hurts, my right eye feels swollen, the right side of my tongue even swelled up. And I have had a major migraine for nearly a month straight, mainly on the right side of my head- but the doctors, even at the ER haven't made much of it-

    let me know if you find anything out-

    good luck
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    Hoping for more info...
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    have you had a sinus x-ray? I had this problem before it was blockage in my sinus cavities- had to have surgery on my nose & sinus- (Deviated Septum) this can eventually cause ear pain also.

    I have dizziness (vertigo) now due to FM but sounds like you have something else going on.

    Hope you find an answer & solution!