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    just a question on dizziness? I know its part of f.m. just getting over a severe bout that has lasted for 3mos on and off. does anyone get a feeling that your going to fall. then I also get those falling feelings like when your trying to go to sleep but I"m not sleeping.its so weird I just hate it and if I get upset over it it gets worse. Thanks Sixtyslady
  2. Cactuslil

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    "What causes your falls, Ms. X?"
    Well, I think this vertigo, for me atleast, is more like a disorientation. It seems so long ago this began.
    Now I battle nausea daily due to the vertigo. There is no joy in fibroville, just another will drop out. Lil'
  3. sixtyslady

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    thanks for the info. I really don"t fall i just have i feeling of falling,its kind of scarry. but then I guess I"m just don"t like that feeling. have a good day Sixtyslady.
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    Ever since the start in 6/03 I have been dizzy. I am real dizzy in the morn. I walk into things and cant see straight, like being drunk. The rest of the day is just a foggy dizzy. Like if I close my eyes and lay my head back, I feel like I am falling. I am a 37 year old man!
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    Vertigo has been one of my biggest problems. I had been trying to get help for that almost constantly. Just sitting in my chair my head can start spinning. When I am driving it can be scary. When trying to make a turn and looking left to right for traffic it can send me spinning. I have "learned" to live with it. I have to. I hate it though. I used to love going to the IMAX theatre but with the vertigo it is very hard. My DH has to help me get to a seat. Even with that help it takes a while. Also have to deal with funny looks from members of my AA homegroup. A perfectly sober woman, slurring and stumbling!!! What a sight!!!