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    Does anyone else have or had dizzness as a symptom? I have a feeling of "falling off a cliff". That's the only way I know how to describe it. I have a headache and dizziness along with the pain all over. Anyone out there know what will help? Thanks so much, Chris
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    Many of us have weak exhausted adrenals. The adrenal output cortisol to handle stress but also aldosterone to boost blood pressure when standing up or sitting up. I have to take 0.1mg of Fludrocortisone for this and it really helps.

    They also output a Anti-diuretic hormone for the kidneys to keep the salt balance in check. If your sodium is too low, both numbers Systolic and diastolic will be low. Just add a little more salt to your food and recheck 1/2 hour later.

    Always use Sea Salt.

    Get pleny of Vitamin C and B complex, esp B5 (pantothenic acid) is very healing to our wasted adrenal glands.

    Also, you could have an inner ear infection or inflammation. My ENT doc told me that it better to snuff and spit rather than blow your nose. Hard blowing will push mucus into the eustation tube and middle ear. Blow gently if you must. Use a NielMed Nasal Wash or Netti Pot to clean our sinus mucus.