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    Hi I really need help please. My boyfriend is a 23yr. male in perfect health with some exceptions. He is experiencing: dizzyness, light headedness, slurred speech, trouble concentrating, he feels like is brain is really cloudy (like a really bad hangover all day all the time).Also, his facial muscles feel heavy. He does not use any drugs or drink any alchol. And not on any medication and hasn't been in the past. He went to his Dr. and the doc did a blood test. did not find anything wrong. His blood pressure is perfect. He also doesn't have any diseases. Can anyone tell me if they feel this way or have felt this way? Does anyone know what this might be? Any suggestions would be GREAT. Please help. I'm worried about him. Thanks -Christin-
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    You say he's in perfect health with some exceptions? These could be important "exceptions" but later you say he doesn't have any diseases, so the picture is a little confused.

    The symptoms you describe are all known to those with CFS but they are also easily attributed to a range of other conditions too, not least stress.

    My advice would be to seek further medical help, not try and second-guess for yourselves.

    CFS is often diagnosed once a host of other possible problems have been eliminated. One blood test doesn't constitute a thorough examination of your boyfriend, so push for more help.

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    what I mean is he is in perfect condition. The execptions are what I listed (all those syptoms). Sorry if it confusing. Thanks for the advice.
    Thanks again
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    Christin- I had similar symptoms when I had problems with my ileocecal valve malfunctioning (colon waste was literally backing up into my body and I was being poisoned) and when my liver was clogged with toxins from chemical solvents from a job I had had. I didn't have the slurred speech, but did have the other problems.

    I agree with Music Teacher, your boyfriend needs more testing. He may have been exposed to some sort of toxin.

    What helped me the most was a chiropractor who did muscle testing. He was able to pinpoint what was going wrong inside me, when all my blood tests were normal. And then he gave me nutritional supplements which really helped. The testing he did is called Contact Reflex Analysis. Some chiropractors do something called kinesiology, very similar I think. Anyways, the chiropractor helped me more than any doctor ever did.
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    Hi, that is how I STARTED 3 YEARS AGO. I thought they were seizures. The pain didn't start until 4 months after the head thing. I still have both pain and head problems. they said I have fibro. I take gabitril and xanax for my head. I'm trying to stay away from pain meds, I will have to get something soon though. He should see a neurologist first.I hope he gets the help he needs, it does take awhile sometimes to find out whats up. GOD BLESS.
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    I think this deserves a bump seems like this sort of thing hasn't been discussed for awhile. I go threw the exact same thing. Am doing ok today but it comes and goes. Just got out of it after a month. Any advice?
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    OF course I'm no doc, but this sounds like some form of poisoning, possibly mercury.

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