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  1. monicaz49

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    i always feel off balance and dizzy, in addition to the brain fog. i walk slowly and with a wider stance to control my balance. im only 30 and i feel very out of it mentally and physically. i believe i have CFS but i also suffer from mental/cognitive issues and physical issues such as this. Is CFS that complex or might i be suffering from something else.
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    I have just gotten a diagnosis of FM. I, too, have serious dizziness (sometimes comes on in waves for hours at a time), as well as being off balance. Seems like some days are horrible, other days I don't seem to have a problem.

    They've checked my inner ears with CT scan and there's nothing wrong.

    Apparently it is yet another symptom of FM, probably CFS too!

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    Check out some of my messages because I have had that for years, but I found out that if I don't get good sleep I will be like that for days. Do you sleep well? I also take xanax and that helps for some reason...Barb
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    When I first came down with CFS, I used to feel as though I were trying to walk on an air mattress that was floating on waves on the lake. Yucky. That has eased considerably and now it doesn't show up unless I'm under a ton of stress. Then I knock it with a pill.

    I once had Meniere's Disease, and that made me really dizzy. This is different--spacy and off balance.
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    Dizzyness can be caused by many things.

    I thought my dizziness was caused by FM, but recently found that I have damage to the vestibular part of my right ear.

    I had my ears tested 20 years ago, and was told there was nothing wrong. The technician where I was tested recently said it can make a difference how the tests are done.

    I also have neck stiffness which I believe adds to the problem dizzyness problem.

    A drug called stematil helped me for over 1 year, but then lost affect.

    There are exercises called vestibular rehabilitation, that are supposed to help. I'm not sure if these can help dizziness that is not caused by ear problems.

    You can look for info about dizziness on the web.

    My experience, however, is that my problems were found by starting with a specialist, and then being referred to a dizziness centre, in a hospital. It took a lot of insistence, and persistence on my part(I've found that many doctors don't want to be bothered with problems that are difficult to find).

    I suggest that you may need to see a neurologist, or ear nose and throat specialist.

    In my case many of the symptoms that I thought were FM turned out to be something else.

    In short, yes, it is possible that it may be something else.
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    I am always 'dizzy and off balance, and spacey'...

    Call this nuts, but lately when I feel like this, I find that drinking some orange juice helps me to feel a LITTLE better. Maybe it is the sugar in it??

    I have FMS/ and CFS