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    anyone else here get dizzy or lose your balance easily??? I had a fall this weekend and have had a few near misses in the last three weeks. Just had one today too. I told a friend it's bc I have put on so much weight and my feet don't know where the rest of me is going sometimes. I feel like a weeble wobble, but I do fall down.. Bummer! I had a hard time getting up too. So embarassing....
  2. cfsgeorge

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    I went from just "brain fogged" at the beginning of this DD to being very lightheaded and dizzy later on due to the orthostatic intolerance(OI). However, it's not the kind of dizziness that'll make me fall or wobbly unless i close my eyes then the room feels like it's spinning. totally sucks!

    For those that are dizzy from the OI, you may consider a very small dose of amphetamines(dexedrine, ritalin, adderall) for those "special" times where you must be on your feet for an important appointment or occasion where falling is not an option. It helps the dizziness or OI by temporarily increasing your HR and BP. I do not advocate the daily or frequent use of amphetamines, but only consider its use very sparingly when all other options are not available.
  3. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Hi Angeleo,
    sorry you are having such a ruff time of it.

    I don't get Dizzy , but do get off ballance... I have almost feel down the stars a few times . Thank God I cougth my self..
    I also get off baqllance just walking accross the living room floor. no falls. again...

    Sorry you fell.... things happen don't let it get to you ok..

    Take care .. Spirit . :)
  4. Pansygirl

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    I get dizzy at times to. Sometimes like yesterday I stood up to fast and the dizzyness
    hit me fast!

    I also am forever bumping into something in the house. My husband keeps telling me that I need to leave a wide path while walking around things. smile

    It's like my head and body don't coordinate where they are walking.

    Hope you feel better.

  5. fibromickster

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    Yes, all the time especially if i forget to take my effexor, LOL. No really, if i get up too fast i get a headrush and i walk into walls all the time. Sometimes i think i have 2 left feet. LOL