Dizzyness, anyone else Blurry vision

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    Help, In constant dizzyness and blurry vision, it`s hard to do anything. any body else suffer from this or have any ideas about what to do. Ivè tried ever type of Physio, you can imagine and every kind of drug. It`s is hurting me badly. Thanks Spacey
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    Do you take Prendinsone? I do and it cause both these problems. At the end of the work day, my vision is almost double and very blurry. Also when I stand up, I am just like an old drunk. I keep bruises all over my legs where I run into desks, etc.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. hi all,
    spacey i had extremely bad blurry vision when i was taking amitriptyline 50mg tablets,for many years.

    when i came off that tablet my vision was very good.

    sadly the depression and lack of sleep, that comes with the fibromyalgia and CFS,meant that i had to go back on antidepressants and im now on notriptyline 25mg,,one and a half tablets at night.,

    im sleeping well,coping with my conditions,but do have the blurred vision back again, but not as bad as when i was on the amitriptyline.

    so it could be your medication thays causing the blurry vision.

    get a eye test done though, to see that theres no under lying problems with the eyes.

    i do see occasional white spots in my sight,and im told its because of migraine,even though some days i have no head pain with it.

    it was the optician who told me that.

    the notriptyline are easing the migraines, as regards pain and sickness.i can cope and dont have to go lay down during a attack.

    take care,fran
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    I am extremely dizzy and my eyes are so blurry I often have to completely stop looking at everythiing and just close them for 5 minutes.

    I am on gabapentin (Neurontin) for feet/ankle neuropathy, so that may be the reason.

    Also, viruses can attack the ear canal, causing dizzyness. There can also be bad drainage from the ears, and there's a simple technique a chiro or dr can use to correct it; this, too can cause dizziness.