DLPA how to get and sleep myoclonus

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    Fellow Canadians, can we get this up here in a health food store or is it prescritpion?

    Also , how come it isnt sold by prohealth? I looked but couldnt find out

    Seems it has helped many on this board and I might try it.

    I suspect I have low dopamine as I have myoclonus (who knows the cause - either ABX tequin, serotonin med i was on for 1 year as started as i was tapering off and persists 2 years later, or is part of the CFS that hit me 2 years ago as I hade FM and MPS for 12 years prior.

    I have read seretonin and dopamine are antagonists to each other, that is seretonin blocks dopaimine and vice versa and why just maybe those on long term seretonin meds, later develop myoclonus disorders (ie. plmd, rls, sleep onset, ect).

    Actually it does state for most seretonin meds, that myolconus is a side effect, of course my dr. never told me and of course you are never told these side effects could be permanent. that being said hopefully it is symptom of the CFS and that once I can try and get my CFS better, the myoclonus will improve as well.

    I also get the rapid fire like lightning muscle contracts in the day sometimes when say I am staring at the TV or the computer screen. Needless to say the first week I got these I was very disturbed and scared, and while I still don't like them and want to know what caused them, at least I no longer freak out about them, although they do impact my sleep (more so longer time to fall alseep)

    Anyway, For those with RLS (on the myoclonus sleep spectrum) where there some prescription meds are used for increased dopamine (forget the names), have you tried DLPA instead?

    I think for pain and energy best to take DLPA in morning and so not to interfere with sleep (for those not with sleep mylocnus) as it would interfere with seretonin, but for those with sleep myoclonus spectrum disorders where the leading theory is lack of dopamine, then best would be to take in day as well as just before bed or maybe all just before bed.


  2. roge

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    why isnt dlpa sold by prohealth?

    believe tryptophan (another amino) is prescription only up here in canada anyway, i gather not in usa as prohealth sells tryptophan....is dlpa a prescription med in usa?

    any canadians use dlpa and how do you get it?

    i called a leading health food store in Ottawa and they dont sell it and she seems to think you need a prescription for it up here??


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    I'm back with the where can i get DLPA? preferably in canada but even in usa, i am very suprised prohealth would not sell this product as it seems to sell just about everything else listed under the sun.

    there was a healthfood store in Ottawa where I live that said they had it and it was ordered for me but when I got it it was just LPA, I understand the D is good to reduce pain.

    I have been taking the LPA in the morning and it does appear to increase my energy (I presume as it is increasing my dopamine). starting out real slow and low with approx 100-200mg.

    Thanks for any replies


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