DMSA chelation and exercise is helping

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    Hi All,

    Just an update on my progress:

    I am now on Round 5 of DMSA 12.5mg for 3.5 days on and 4 days off. I am using chelation following Andrew Cutler's protocol and I am feeling better!

    I am amazed at how much I am able to exercise now and my emotions have been stable for at least 2 weeks which is great as I was always up and down - especially my adrenals. I actually enjoy exercise now and have more energy. I'm even thinking of getting an exercise bike to step the pace up a bit.

    I think just having my silver fillings out and starting chelation has really helped.

    I can now do the following:
    10 mins on an exercise machine (used to only do 5 mins)
    15 x 1kg weight lifts (used to only be able to do 4 x 400g)
    Stretches twice a day (used to only once)
    series of different exercises in groups of 10

    and I'm in less pain generally!

    Things that are helping me are:
    DMSA chelation for mercury
    exercise & stretches(now that I can, I intend to continue)
    higher doses of supplements
    thyroboost supplement - containing kelp, L-tyrosine, gentian
    vegetable juice (makes my urine ph more alkaline so my body can detox better)
    slice of lemon in water (makes my urine ph more alkaline)
    CES (cranio electro stimulation) - helping for sleep every second day
    zapper for parasites every second day
    plotting a body temperature graph daily has helped me immensely - cannot recommend it enough - google Dr rind's temp graph. Helps hugely see what's happening with my adrenals and thyroid and when things stabilise.

    Without boosting my body temperature - many of the body systems and enzymes cannot function correctly so this makes a huge difference for me. I feel better when my temperatures are higher at 37C as opposed to 36.3 like they used to be.

    I really feel I'm on the right road to recovery and know it will take time but its been fast so far!

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    hey what is your dx, cfs or fm? curious what made u decide to get mercury out, I am trying to figure tht out right now. some say that with cfids/me doing that and doing chelation can be risky. glad yer ok.
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    Hi Anchorholds - thanks for the advice on exercise - I take it very slowly and some days when I feel like doing more I dont because I know that I could relapse.

    The good news is I am definetly feeling stronger - I didn't even used to be able to take the lid of a bottle of water or open jars, fill up the kettle - and I can do all those things now.

    Kelp - does worry me and I stopped using it for a while but my temps dropped and I felt worse. I am trying to source another solution to that. Thanks for the reminder.

    I have cfs since Oct 2006 and fibro since 2003, I decided to go down the heavy metal route after attempting to have 4 of my fillings removed in 2006 just to see if I felt any better - I did this unsafely without realising and I had fatigue, exhaustion and everything else on top - I believe this to be the cause of my cfs as it started from there. My adrenals went overtime as they were removed unsafely the very next day and I was in fits of crying for no reason like I wasn't in control. This is when I knew the amalgams must have affectd me.

    2 years later July this yr - I decided to have the rest of my fillings out after much research and start chelating to get it out of me once and for all.

    Theres no way I could have started exercising as much as I am or doing what I'm doing before starting this process. I didn't realise just how much they made me sick and stopped me from getting well.