dmsa mercury detox & folate deficiency

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    Hi all - well, I had a difficult time recovering from the 2nd round of dmsa mercury detoxing (that round ended on 5/15) - could not get my energy back, then my appetite was almost gone - I had to force myself to eat, started having trouble sleeping and started to get red oily irritated patch of skin by my nose --- I attributed this all to detox aftermath, and then about 2 days ago got VERY tired, just no energy, and I began to wonder what was going on. I had put off starting a 3rd round of detoxing because recovering was so rough from the 2nd round, and I'm supposed to go to Dallas next week to see my kids and their families and grandkids. I began to think I couldn't make the trip.

    Then 2 days ago a lightbulb went on for me - I wondered about folate deficiency which can cause fatigue (my energy noticeably picked about a year ago when I started taking metafolin (l-methylfolate)). Anyways, a brief search turned up that loss of appetite is a chief symptom of folate deficiency, and all the other symptoms I had were too.

    So I immediately tripled my dose of metafolin and sure enough my energy is coming, I'm sleeping better, appetite is back, and skin by my nose is clearing up.

    It's amazing - somehow the dmsa either pulled folate from my body or greatly increased my need for folate. I have also had to increase my potassium. Very important - if you're deficient in folate and remedy that deficiency, your need for potassium is going to go up measurably and can cause problems if you don't have enough.

    Anyways, I'm feeling better - was able to go grocery shopping today and will rest the rest of the day. And should be able to make my trip (which of course will wipe me out, but I want to see the grandkids so bad!)

    It's always something, as Gilda Radner used to say - I am just so relieved that I found the source of the problem and so hope that when I restart the detox after my return, I'll handle it better.

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    Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it. I do wish everything wasn't such a mystery - I'm glad when I find answers, but do get tired of always having to find them :( I am sure learning, though :)

    I hope you're doing better than you were, I know you weren't feeling that well a little while ago -

    Take care -

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    The folate really is making a huge difference - feeling human again!