DMSO - any experiences ?

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    Hi all :),

    So after a long time i have been again having a lot of neck, shoulder discomfort and pain. I remembered I had earlier ordered a bottle of 99% DMSO liquid from Jacob labs and I dabbed that on the affected areas with cotton. And I was surprised at the pain relief and symptom relief I got from it , almost instantly.

    So i have been reading online about DMSO and many sites say it is ok to use regularly and some say it may be toxic. I know that one has to be very careful that the site one is applying to is clean as DMSO will absorb anything that is there and take it inside the body.

    This is the best board I know for informed and experienced opinions so please share DMSO experiences or knowledge , if anyone has it

    With love,

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    Thanks Jam for pointing me to the yahoo group. Just joined it - Jam - what has been your experience with it ?
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    Thanks Jam for always helping out. And always being on the look out for the latest developments and sharing them with us.

    I am pretty excited about the DMSO as it seems to take away the pain and discomfort SO soon and to such a great extent. Will give it a topical go for a few days and see - not taking it internally - too scared for that.

    Will look up the homeopathic cream.

    Am giving mom Neprinol which is essentially a combo of nattokinase, serrapeptase and some other enzymes and going to start her on neocell collagen 2 pretty soon - for her osteoarthritis - will you keep you posted.

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    Hi my Name is Angela and I've suffered with chronic fibromyalgia for over 5 years no