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    hi there! here is what i do

    1. use reverse osmosis purified water for ALL cooking and drinking
    2. main mixer/base is organic brown rice and beef (the beef from the whole foods meet counter so hormone free, etc.) i use ground round b/c chuck has too much fat and sirloin too lean.
    3. in my main base above on different days (i switch between apples and vegetables) i blend up fresh organic apples one day, and the the next i blend organic spinach, i use brocoli sometimes, but i use spinach and apples more often.
    4. every day in the morning i add 1 TBSP of raw organic coconut oil (very good at fighting the flu, antibacterial..etc)start slowly w/the coconut oil.. can make them really have to go to the bathroom if you use too much to start!
    5. everyday in the AM is sprinkle celctic sea salt for minerals and for the thyroid etc...
    5. in the eve meal i add organic olive oil.
    6. everyday they also get a probiotic and 1000 mg omega 3 fish oil cap (this i take out of the gelatin capsul - gelatin is an awful preservative), and they get a digetive enzyme with each meal.
    7. i am sure their diet is lacking in something - but they look amazing, have zero allergies, and are really happy despite the fact that i used to walk them 6 miles every morning (before i got sick) and have not been on a long walk in a 17 mos - breaks my heart but i love them and they are happy.
    8. hope this helps and sorry for the misspellings. hope you AND your dogs are great! i will answer any questions i can.
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    venison - WOW! that's great.

    I am a vegetarian and have been for about 21 yrs.. so venison would be a tougie for me to cook. i am okay with the beef b/c i am used to it but i cannot touch chicken (plus my dogs did horrible on chicken... tried to mix it in a few times and it created a lot of mucus - weird huh?)

    that's awesome that your dogs like veges... i left the room and my dags ate my salad - i mean all veges with oil and vinegar i was in shock!

    how are your labs ears? my dog never got the yeast that most labs do b/c i think i fed him so much yogurt (before i knew about probiotics in pill form... took me 'til my mid 20's to learn that one).

    our dogs are lucky that's for sure...sometimes i get embarrassed if i know my dogs eat better than some kids... really. so i do not talk too much about it b/c i think people feel uncomfortable when they think about how much $$$ i spend. but how can i feed them something that i would never put in my own body knowing the harm that it would do?

    anyway - hope you are great and let me know if you have any tips - my ears are open.... thank you!
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    Also really great are carrots - cook until bright orange and softer, not soggy. My dog, Bear, loves them! He use to eat the cherry tomatoes off the vine before I could harvest them. I believe that dogs are more into veggies than people think. If I do a roast with all the goodies, he loves to eat along - especially the veggies.
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    hi there!

    yes - yeast is huge for labs, especially with the swimming b/c that water gets trapped in their ears and is painful...totally different than my shepherds ears that stand straight up and are open to the air. i give my dogs culturelle as a probiotic.. 30 billion per capsul... it's about the highest and most potent i can find that i do not allergically react to so i know it is safe for them if i can tolerate it.

    you guys - gelatin is BAD - REALLY BAD. it is pure MSG... learned that from blaylock...!! go to truthinlabeling dot org... i will cut and past the list of what is MSG always and what often produces MSG when processed and i NEVER EAT THESE INGREDIENTS.

    for my fish caps i puncture the gel cap with a needle and squeeze the oil into a vege cap - i do the same for my dogs... i will not buy the liquid fish oil that is flavored with lemon ever. i buy my fish oil from icelandhealth dot com. it is the ONLY brand i will take. and just to give you an idea of the quality... i ran out b/c it is mail order only.. and i had to use carlson's for a week and my dogs' coat looked awful - very dull.

    anyway - getting back to the ears... i used to make my own white vingegar and water solution for my labs ears. you need to be really careful not to add too much vinegar to the ear canal b/c it can irritate it... but maybe if you made a solution and started applying it with a q-tip until you got the percentage right. i will ask my step dad about this... it's a good combo b/c it will keep them dry.

    i cannot stand vaccines for people or dogs. dogs are over vaccinated as well - makes me cringe. i live in the city so by law i have to have a rabies vaccine.

    i would love to hear about the mixtures you make for your insect reppellent and stuff..

    i put organic parsley in my dog's food a few days a week - very good at fighting parasites... have you ever tried worm wood?

    here is my list of what to AVOID...

    woofmom, blaylock would be proud:

    These ALWAYS contain MSG

    Glutamate, Glutamic acid, Gelatin,
    Monosodium glutamate, Calcium caseinate, Textured protein,
    Monopotassium glutamate, Sodium caseinate, Yeast nutrient,
    Yeast extrac, Yeast food, Autolyzed yeast, Hydrolyzed protein, (any protein that is hydrolyzed) Hydrolyzed corn gluten, Natrium glutamate (natrium is Latin/German for sodium)

    These OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing

    Carrageenan, Maltodextrin, Malt extract, Natural pork flavoring, Citric acid, Malt flavoring, Bouillon and Broth, Natural chicken flavoring, Soy protein isolate,
    Natural beef flavoring, Ultra-pasteurized, Soy sauce,
    Stock Barley, malt, Soy sauce extract,
    Whey protein concentrate, Pectin Soy protein,
    Whey protein, Protease Soy protein concentrate,
    Whey protein isolate, Protease enzymes, Anything protein fortified, Flavors(s) & Flavoring(s) Anything enzyme modified, Anything fermented, Natural flavor(s)
    & flavoring(s), Enzymes anything, Seasonings
    (the word "seasonings")

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    Just butting in here to add that when I had my garden my dogs were always stealing veggies and fruit. They each had their favorites although all seemed to like tomatoes. I still have my strawberries and raspberries and now they steal those too. Of course they also eat horse manure, cat poop, bird seed and anything else they find.

    I think its great you cook for your dogs, right now I can barely cook for myself. How expensive is it to feed them that way? Is it horribly more than prepackaged food?


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    the beef - good lord i go thru a lot of beef! my friends call me farm girl b/c i am always going to whole foods with my polycarb containers to get my water and get more beef!

    i go thru about 3 lbs every 1.5 days... i think i spend more on their food then i do mine. but like you said earlier and i agree - i am never at the vet so i have no bills other than food for them which makes me so happy that they are healthy.

    i will be talking to my step-dad in the next day or so and will post about the ear solution. i will see if i can put their pictures up.... i am the least techy person i know so it may not work.

    hope you are really great.

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