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  1. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    The only supplement that I don't take per Dr. Blaylock is NAC. Do you think I need to take it? My diet is very healthy. Compared to a year ago, I feel great.
  2. pocahontas606

    pocahontas606 New Member

    i would not add for several reasons.

    1. i agree with dncn that if you are feeling good i would not mess with it. your body is in tune and when it is it likes it. for example - last week i started to feel better, like had a window of what my life used to be like -i could actually see it being a possibility again. i used to be a serious runner and haven't been able or do anything physical at all in 2 years... but last week i was able to walk on the treadmill a few times and i was REALLY happy about that. well... that was short lived b/c i tinkered with my supplements and added one of the new ones i have been waiting to add - the bonded cysteine to raise my glutathione levels - i wish i would have not done that. i have really bad weakness (more than my usual weakness) and really bad lactic acid in my legs and arms. i am so discouraged today and am in tears. i am wondering how i am ever going to get out of this nightmare that has become my life. i stopped the glut 3 days ago and am curious as to how long this symptom i have now will last -ugh. so this is my first reason that i would not add NAC woofmom... you feel good and i would just keep rolling with what you have got going.

    2. my second reason is blaylock really isn't sure of how he feels about NAC. in his revised edition of "health and nutrition secrets that can save your life" on p.82-83, he talks about how NAC is an efective way to raise glutatione but that is binds to mercury and right now he does not feel that they know for certain that the mercury attached to the NAC will not cross the blood brain barrier. he says if you take it to take low doses in conjunction with branched chain amino acids (he says there are other amino acids you can take with NAC but he prefers branched chain b/c they have less side effects).

    i am going to look into this more... but again, i think you have a good thing going and i would not alter it at all.

    hope you guys are great.
  3. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I think I'll leave NAC alone. I took selenium for the first time today. It hit me like a ton of bricks about 2 to three hours after I took it. I think I'll wait a few days and try it again.
  4. pocahontas606

    pocahontas606 New Member

    just wondering... what kind of effect did the selenium have? were you tired, weak..?

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  5. woofmom

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    I got a hot flash, dizzy, blurry vision. It only lasted about 30 minutes. But, now I have a tender on my head which I haven't had in a while. And my shoulder muscles jumped around.
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  6. pocahontas606

    pocahontas606 New Member

    yours are the opposite of mine... i get weak and my legs swell and then the next morning my eyelids will swell. lots of fun i know.

    glad you're feeling better now. thanks for posting back.