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    This follows from your post to the thread about green tea.

    I bought Xylitol, but seem to need tons of it to get my tea sweet enough, or to get any sweet taste at all. The more of it I use, the more I worry about its side effect of diarrhea and bowel irritation. I can't remember the brand I bought, but its a major one. (I'm out of town until next week, so can't check the pantry!)

    What brand do you use? How much of it do you need to use to sweeten a mug of tea?

    I've tried Stevia, but just can't get used to the aftertaste.

    Sugar makes me jittery, can trigger the fibro-flu feeling, so I have to be careful how much sugar I eat, as in as little as possible, when I remember what it does to me! Short memory sometimes...

    Anyway, tea is one of my favorite topics, so I was pleased to see that thread.

  2. BethM

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  3. BethM

    BethM New Member

    thanks, I'll try it again when I go home again next week. Might just need to give it another chance!

    I add peppermint tea to most of my brews. it's a great pick-me-up, without the side effects of caffeine. I also just like it!


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