dncnfngrs....questions about your kids

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    I saw your wonderful picture of your baby's and I was recently thinking of getting our family a dog and we have tossing this idea around for about a year and I had narrowed it down to a Lab or a Golden Retriever.

    I wanted a dog that was easy to train and a quick learner due to the fact that I have a 3 & 4 year old and I use most of my energy taking care of them but I thought it would be a wonderful addition to the family.

    I was wondering if you have had them since they were babies and good stuff and bad stuff about the Labs.

    By the way they are beautiful and they look sooo happy!!!

    Thanks so much and blessings!
    Kelly (I have been gone from the board for a while and very happy to be back!)


    Sorry it took me so long to get back, I haven't been on the pc as much as usual. My hubby has been laying tile thru-out the house and I have to get the kids out of the house everyday day for the past 2 weekends and I am exhausted!!

    Thanks again...