Do all Rheumatologists know how to treat Firbro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JTyre, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. JTyre

    JTyre New Member

    I have a refferal from a Dr. that I trust. I know if I call and ask, "does the Doctor specialize in Fibro? The answer will be yes weither he does or not. It's all about getting NEW patients. If I do make an appt, this will be my second Rheumy. I did not like the first one. I thought I would because she was a female.
  2. borntired

    borntired New Member

    NO! Nor do they care.

    Check out the DVD from ProHealth.

    Where do you live? maybe someone can refer you.

    Good luck.

  3. chickadee

    chickadee New Member

    I was sent to a rhumatologist for the diagnosis of Fibro.

    All the literature in his office indicated that he treated fibro.

    I even thought he was a good doctor and referred several people to him. The last visit (and probably the fifth or sixth time I had seen him he told me that there was nothing he could do for fibro and that I need not come back to him.

    You just never know......

  4. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    You are absolutely right. I'm not speaking of all doctors, but I know for a fact that some doctors are using the word fibromyalgia and cfs as a buzz word to bring in more new patients..

    On top of that, I've also had two separate doctors at different times tell me, once I had been going to them, that they didn't believe in either illness... but they covered it by saying in a continual sentence that they did believe in our symptoms..

    In both cases they had their own theory on what was going on with us and it all boiled down to common sense living. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and all the money I had wasted on them. Needless to say, I don't see either anymore..
  5. meowee

    meowee New Member

    He gave me Ultram, said if it didn't help to call him. I took it for 3 months with no relief, called him, and he said to take Motrin.

    He popped off to me for a half hour at what an expert he was on FM and how many patients he had with it, etc. He did me no good and was not understanding at all.

    Good Luck to you.
  6. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    If it didn't cost so mu
    ch I would order for all docters too.

    Maybe it could be copied.

    We should mail them to every doctor around lol
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  7. matn

    matn New Member

    They do not know what causes it or what it is, so how would they know how to treat it? They may or may not make you more comfortable, but chances are they will do very little to improve you health. The Rheumatologists that I saw should have their licenses revoked. I recovered by primarily dietary changes (no gluten, dairy or soy or anything processed) and I feel great after 25 years of suffering. Please read my profile and past postings for more information.


  8. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I think originally Rheumys were interested in seeing the FM patients, even though I believe they became the Dr of choice more by default than design. People with our symptoms are usually sent to them to rule out all of the "other" diseases with similar symptoms. I think Rheumys initially enjoyed all of the business but eventually realized they didn't know what to do with us.

    The SSA required a Rheumatologists diagnosis and report in my case even though he didn't end up treating me. His way of dealing with me was to put me on 2 different antidepressants and Advil. Since I don't suffer from depression and have tried this route before (with my own Dr in the beginning stages of treatment years ago) I left his practice for a Pain Management Dr. The Pain Mgmt Dr has been a much better choice of treatment for me.

    Anyway back to Rheumys, there was an article a couple of years ago posted by someone where the American Association of Rheumatologists (or whatever they are called LOL) had a conference and decided publically to stop treating FM patients. Since that conference many Rheumys, but not all, have taken a negative approach towards FM patients. Some people on this board still have great Rheumys who have been a life saver to them but I believe the majority have stopped seeing us past the diagnosis stage.

    Use the search feature above to see if you can find the article, if I have time later I'll try to find it and bump it too.

  9. JTyre

    JTyre New Member

    Sounds like I should have allergy tests run? Do I go to my PCP and ask for Elisa testing? I have improved my eating habits over the past 3 months but feel like I still have a long way to go. I thought perhaps keeping a journal might give me some clues on what foods to avoid. Do you think that is a good idea? I have been exercising for 3 months and have lost 20 pounds. Hoping eventually I will stop hurting. Normal daily movement causes me pain. Running errands, driving, air condionting, sitting too long, standing too long. I am new to the message boards. Posted my first one yesterday. Having been viewing a lot posts. I will be 45 next month and my body feels like it is 80 years old. I have two teenaged boys to deal with. Not easy when you are constantly in pain. Thank you for your pervious response.
  10. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    None of them know how to treat Fibro or CFS. The two that I saw, didn't care either, and I knew more about CFS & Fibro than either one of them did. Don't waste your time. Marie
  11. JTyre

    JTyre New Member

    I to have some form of mitochondrial dysfunction. I was born with my problem. Also my two boys and mother. Three generations. My boys see a neurologist and recently my youngest son had a muscle biopsy done. The results were inconclusive but did prove to be some form of muscular dystrophy. All my life I have had weak sore muscles. The four of us have never been able to run or jump. We have always need a handrail to get up stairs. We cannot get up from a sitting position on the floor without using our hands.

    I am not convienced that I have fibro. I do have pain at most of the tender points.

    My plan as of this March was to eat better (cut out junk food and sweets.) Lose weight and exercise. I am losing 1.5 lb a week. So it is going to take until December to reach my goal weight. Medication does not help. Most medicine that I try does not agree with me. My helath insurance is horrible so I am limited. I am going to make an appt. with a massage theripst and Docotr's. Last week my pain managemnet Dr. that I absolutely love told me he has run out of things/ideas for me to try. Between the mitochondrial, a neck injury and fibro, he is has racked his brain and is out of options.
    Take care,
  12. JTyre

    JTyre New Member

    I had the same experience with a female Rheumy. She said you have fibro. Go home, look it up on the internet, be pro-active and you do not need to come back and see me. I then asked about medication. She replied that some fibro patients do well on Elavil. I was on it for about one year. All it did for me was help me gain weight. lol!
    Take care,
  13. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    My rheumatologist who diagnosed me about 30 years ago and has been seeing me once a year, gave up treating fibromyalgia patients because as she said "there is nothing I can do for a fibromyalgia patient."

    She continued seeing me for other issues. I had not realized I was her only FMS patient.

  14. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    There are some good Rheumys with treating Fm but very few I`m afraid. The Rheumy I went to was the worse doctor I saw for my Fm. He was arrogant, rude and didn`t believe it was real even though I had a sed rate of 80 at the time. I am not just going with my experience but what I have seem with others on the board. Its very hard to find a good doctor.
  15. matn

    matn New Member

    Hello Jackie:

    It is relatively non-invasive to have Elisa IGG antibody testing for food allergies. My approach was to remove all substances (if possible) to help my body heal. I also try to follow the "Eat Right for Your Type" diet as well as the "caveman" type diet. Gluten, dairy, soy, added sugar, MSG and any additives are extremely damaging and all grains with the exception of rice are harmful. I try to consume as much raw fruits and vegetable as possible as these supply a greta source of enzymes and nutritious substances. Take a look at "The Answer" by DOGTORJ (search under that name) and you will see how far the Standard American Diet (SAD) has shifted away from the more healthy diet of our ancestors. We will not improve unless we think out of the box and make positive changes. Listen to your body as it will tell you when you consume something toxic.

    Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

  16. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    I was sent by a neuro to a rheumy at a top-notch hospital. The rheumy told me I had fibro. He never even checked for the tender points.......Isn't that part of the diagnostic criteria?
  17. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I believe doctors are a lot like medication. You have to find the right one that works for you. I think they all know about fibro. but I believe some are more knowledgable and compassionate than others. Hope this makes sense.

  18. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I think most don't and youhave to take your health into your own hands. if you are not stisfied with your Dr then move on. You might try posting here for your city. Something "Good FM Dr in Atlanta?". Then people can respond and let you know if they have a good FM Dr. Lynn
  19. JTyre

    JTyre New Member

    What is your first name? Should I be titling (Banya?) I am new to message boards. Not sure what I am doing at this point.

    My family history is on a website. Read it and then get back to me with any questions or comments. I think you will be amazed at our story (3 generations.)
    THEN Click on Personal at the top of page.
    THEN scroll down to THE TYRE FAMILY

    Hope toi hear back from you.
    Take care,
  20. shanel06

    shanel06 New Member

    My rheumatologist is the one who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, and he treated it for several years until I went to a CFS/FM doctor. I am going back to him again in the fall as I've developed a new form of arthritis as well, and I'm looking forward to it. He was the first doctor I had that "believed".

    Don't discount all doctors. Can't believe those words are coming out of my head here, considering my horrid luck in the past 18 years with doctors. But seriously, you'll find hidden gems in the most unusual places. Best doctor I've ever had with respect to FM and CFS other than my "specialists" ? My dentist. Quite seriously, he is amazing, and often recommends or suggests directions for me to go in. Sure he can't prescribe or run some tests, but he has helped tremendously.

    I understand the instant thought to discount or immediately assume someone won't be helpful. Believe me, I do it regularly. Beat your head against enough walls, and that's what you do. But on the other than, you just never know. It is worth a shot.

    Shannon L.

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