Do Allergy Shots Help?

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  1. dse

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have had CFIDS/FMS for over a decade. My ENT is suggesting allergy shots to help with chronic sinusitus and sluggish eustation tubes in my ears. I am already doing all the anti-candida stuff and managing my food allergies. I'd be interested in hearing if conventional allergy shots have been helpful/hurtful to others with CFIDS. My main allergies are dust and mold. Thanks for your help.

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    I had CFS before beginning the shots, so I have nothing to compare with the before..but I got such a huge migraine that it escalated to the point of having to go to the ER..and felt very miserable the whole time I was on them..
    I guess it may depend on the person..

    but I wished that someone had warned me prior to my use of them, but they seemed the make my CFS much worse, permanently.. I talked to an Allergist, many years later about this, and she (a very smart woman) indicated that if I had any autoimmune problems, that my body would not react in the correct way to them..Well that was an understatement!

    A much more effective, and much less costly treatment for Chronic Sinusitis is either to be treated with Antifungals and/or OLE..There has been much written on this board about both, and the fact that the Mayo Clinic now indicates that Chronic Sinusitis is fungally-caused, not bacterial..

    Please see those postings..on the message search feature..and if you have any questions, please ask..


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  3. Mikie

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    I stopped taking them years ago before I was diagnosed. If possible, I think avoiding allergens and building up the immune system is a better approach.

    Love, Mikie
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    They did an ENORMOUS amount of good for me, both before and after FM (I have taken them several times, including right now----not because they stopped having an effect, but because I've lived all over the country, and in each new climate, there are different allergens to combat).

    As you've heard, some cannot tolerate them. For me, shots to keep my allergies under control virtually stopped my chronic sinus infections. I've had one infection in the past ten years; before that, I logged countless months on antibiotics (which didn't help my general health any) for chronic sinus infections.

    We all have a different tolerance to these things. I have FM, not CFIDS, so my experience may not parallel yours. But I've had a lot of success with them (BTW, my shots do NOT contain preservatives---ask your doctor about that).

    Good luck---whatever route you go, hope the sinusitis gets better.

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    having gone into anaphylactic shock on more than one occassion previously so I went for someone who used sub-lingual drops instead. I became so chemically sensitive as well as food intolerant I had to do something.

    This worked for me, still have allergies but my reacitons are not as bad as before, I can live with the reactions I have now.

    The doctor who treated me did not do this in isolation, they were part of a holistic programme aimed a improving my resistance and health generally. Did not cure me but gave me back some semblance of a life, despite still being severely affected by my DD and physically disabled, for over 10 years.

    The downward spiral I went into 5 years ago were due to other factors.

    I know it's confusing when we all have different experiences from treatments but it does help us make informed decisions. Whatever you decide I hope it works for you.