Do Allergy Tests work?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Brodie1, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Brodie1

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    I'm convinced my stomach is reacting to something it disagrees with, and the problem I have it seems to be in most foods.

    Has anyone had any relief from the fatigue by having an allergy test and keeping away from certain ingrediance?
  2. Jen102

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    my fatigue is worsened by many foods which i am at least sensitive to, if not outright allergic to. The effect may not be immediate but may show up a day or two later. These include wheat and other gluten grains, dairy, rice, corn, and things which stir up the candida such as fermented things, moldy things, or sugars. My doc says that the allergies have damaged my intestines so that I don't digest my food well and have some malabsorption (leaky gut syndrome). I don't know how many of these things would show up by traditional allergy testing. Mayo Clinic used to say that virtually no one has celiac disease but they have done a 180 and now say about 10% can't tolerate glutens. Mayo also said years ago that only things that cause anaphalactic shock are allergies, and they didn't really believe in food sensitivities. I may be dead now if I believed them blindly. Ha.

    One way to test yourself is by going on a cave man rotation diet. Eat simply, eat things from each food family only every four days avoiding suspected foods, and then see if your intestinal problems go away. So, eat as many carrots as you want on day one (and perhaps a few other foods that you stick to on that day) then don't eat carrots for 3 additional days. Eat them again, and see if they cause problems. YOu can find things on the internet or books about rotation diets. If you are sensitive to some things, you may be able to introduce them after a few months of not eating them. Hope this helps. Jen
  3. abbylee

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    He was tested for trees, etc., and food allergies. The doctor told me, however, that if my son had not eaten a specific food within a few days of the tests, he would get a false negative result.

    Apparently the best way to do it is to eat something that you think you're allergic to, and have the test within a day or so.

    Hope this makes sense.
  4. alaska3355

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    since our son is getting results back from his allergy tests. This test is called the Elisa test, and it is for food allergies. I'm guessing we'll all be off of sugar (which is bad anyway) and he may have to limit his dairy more. I'm praying he will have more energy once we find out for sure what not to eat. I'll keep you posted.