do antibiotics or antiinflamatory meds affect lyme test?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Hootie1, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hootie1

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    I plan to take a lyme test but am on anti-inflamatory meds and antibiotics. Does anyone know how long I need to be off of these meds prior to taking the lyme test?

    It is very important that I am clean for the test.

    Any input by anyone? I'm taking other meds as well (wellbutrin, valtrex- high dose for EBV- other supps from the FFC).
  2. mollystwin

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    I don't know about antiinflamatory meds, but I do know that it's better to be off antibiotics for a few weeks before the test. I was on samento when I had my test because I didn;t know I wasn't supposed to be, but I still tested positive.

    Some drs think being on antibiotics for a while will actually get a more positive result, but still take you off a few weeks prior to testing.

    Good luck with this Hootie!
  3. Hootie1

    Hootie1 New Member

    Yes, I will be doing this. Thanks again.