Do any of u have sick kids?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sjogrens, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. sjogrens

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    Can kids inherit this illness? Mine are ll and 12 years old and they are showing major signs. There doctor is going to start running some tests this week. I also have sjogren's.
  2. dani78xo

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    But I have fibromyalgia, and so does my mom.
    It's possible that I got it from her,
    But she was also on some anti cancer meds some years ago,
    So the doctors aren't sure if she got it from that.
    I haven't heard of any other cases save for one or two where a parent and child got it.
    But I don't really know a whole lot about the research done on whether or not FM or CFS is genetic.
  3. kadeedidit

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    I have Fibromyalgia, Interstitial cystitis, mild lupus, and sjogrens. Seems like when you get one you get them all. I've dealt with everything well until the dry eyes and I suffer terribly with this.
    Is this stuff genetically passed on? I can't say yes or no but I have a daughter thats as sick if not sicker than I am. It breaks my heart to watch her struggle with everyday life. She's such a beautiful spirit. She puts a smile on her face and tries to make the most of everyday. She keeps me going. I thank God everyday for her.
  4. SherylD

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    I often think that my kids could have this terrible thing...

    When your kids is out for soccer and he don't want to run with the rest of the kids cuz his legs hurt.

    Or I watch him in bed at night kick his legs around like crazy..And wakes up in the morning like he never even slept.

    Sometimes when I take my daughter upstairs and her legs are just to tired..and she complains of her throat hurting and tells me all the time she is tired...she is 5.

    I don't know if they really have anything or not...or if we are just aware of all the symptoms that we notice it all when they complain...

    I honestly feel diet and yeast play a big part...especially in childern..I have changed my kids diet totally! They barely get any sugar...I have started buying organic or more naturaly things..and I make them the shake everyday...

    I have seen a huge change in my kids!!! Watch for a post that I am going to post soon..What the shake and diet changes have done for my family...something like that..

    But if you have sjogren' that might be heredity..Not sure..

    Start thinking about what your kids eat...It's only food changes... But it makes a huge difference.

    Good luck..We of course pray everyday that our kids do not end up like this..I know I do.

  5. TJC

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    the same thing that my specialist told me....that it can be hereditary in the extent of making you more susceptible to getting it...but that something has to set it off, just like it did with the rest of us.

    I was just diagnosed, but I have to say that I am wondering about my daughter (well, all 3 of my children, but particularly her) as well. She is also 5 and has always woken up with leg cramps in the middle of the night...but they are not always just muscle cramps like "growing pains". She never has swollen or red joints, but also often has pain there as well. On the rare occasion that we "camp out" and she sleeps with me, I have noticed that she flails, flops, and kicks all night long. She also frequently wakes up tired and cranky and, like me, is definitely NOT a morning person. These are things I have noticed long before I ever had major symptoms or was diagnosed with FM, so I don't think it is me noticing the actual FM symptoms as much as it is me looking back and thinking: hmmmmm, I wonder.

    I have to admit, though, that I also notice a big difference in ALL of my children when I cut back on their sugar. My husband and I have been on a low-carb diet. While we NEVER put the kids on a diet, and we were sure to supply them with plenty of fresh fruit and milk to go along with it, I did get rid of all of the sugary snacks, chips, and the like. Kool-Aid is now made with Splenda. I packed their lunch sandwiches on whole-grain bread (bought cheaply at the Nickles Thrift Store). They all get along better, are more pleasant to be around, have less "ups and downs" in the day time, do better in school, and just overall feel better. I have noticed that my daughter's leg cramps have lessened as well.
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    My aunt has fms, we think my father had it thought he died young from colon cancer (had ibs, hypoglycemia, anxiety and similar sinus probs to myself). My brother has become systematic in the past 5 yrs and I've been for 15+ yrs.

    I worry mostly for my daughter. She shows a lot of my symptoms as a child. (leg cramps, resltess sleep, headaches, etc.) But I just learned that her father was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. So I will be getting her checked out soon. I just don't want to freak her out.

  7. SherylD

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    Isn't it amazing the change we can make with just the food they eat..

    I have only taken away the sugar..I have mainly added things instead of taking away..I don't know if I would do the splenda..That is not good..I try not to do anything artificial.

    I get the kids propell to drink..It is flavored and they love it. It only has 2 gm of sugar. And it has vit. and minerals in it..Other than that they get regular water...

    YOu are right about thinking back and saying hmmm..I do it all the time..

    Your daughter sounds a lot like my son when he sleeps..He doesn't get cramps that I know of.. but he like beats up the bed..thrashes all around and make funny noises..I had his tonsils out and I thought that fixed the problem..It didn't...Have you ever thought of having a sleep study done on her??..I was thinking of having one done on my son.

    Plus my son is sick allll the time..This year,since he had is tonsils out... He is not as sick..but he gets sick alot.

    It all really worries me..then I get really stressed.

    My daughter..she has always complained of her legs hurting..that she is tired all the time...throat hurts every morning..and her stomach hurts all the time...Well I made the food changes with her and added the shake..She have not complained once of any of that...

    What I think is she was constipated from all the sugar..She ate ALOT of sugar...I know my fault..Plus the shake has helped her go to the bathroom..She has lots of evergy now and her moods is sooo much better..She use to cry over anything..

    They seem to bounce back so much quicker don't you think..

    Good luck to you with your kids...I know it gets hard.

    Let me know what test they do on them and what results you get..I would be very interrested..

  8. TJC

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    It is amazing how much the kids change with diet.

    I have not thought about a sleep study on my daughter, but now I wonder if I should do it. She is also always complaining that her stomach hurts. We have always said that she is our sick kid. My oldest and youngest hardly ever get sick, except for the occasional cold or Strep throat. But Amber, she is just sick all of the time it seems. The pediatrician has referred her to Children's Hospital for so many different exams and everything is always normal (what a surprise!). The only thing that has ever came up is that she has asthma. It is just really hard because she has always been known as a sort of "drama queen" in the family and it seems like she can't take even the slightest bit of pain. Now I have to wonder if she doesn't have early signs of FM.

    As far as Splenda goes, I use it in Kool-Aid as a treat for my kids....but not too often. They mostly drink water and their daily requirements of milk. I do think Splenda is more safe than Nutra-Sweet or any of those other nasty chemicals. I also try to reduce as many prepackaged foods because I really don't think they are healthy for us at all. It tends to cause more work when it is cooking time, but I get the kids involved with cutting and chopping and things. They have a lot of fun and it actually ends up bringing us closer together in the kitchen, as opposed to them just sitting and watching TV or something while I put together a "prepackaged meal". Plus they learn the valuable lesson of everyone contributing to the family. I am really glad that we changed that part of our lives.
  9. Rosiebud

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    my daughter caught CFS/Fibro after glandular fever when she was 15. She's been able to finish her education, get married, has good job but it's very, very hard for her sometimes.

    I have CFS/Fibro but it has incapacitated me. I'm hoping it doesnt do that to her.

    I hope your children will be okay. It doesnt mean that because you have it, your children will but it can happen.

  10. karinaxx

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    i just posted a thread about cfids,ayurveda meds and autoimmune deseases. you will find a lot of answers there.
    My son has improved a lot, though i have troubles keeping him on specific diet.
    I did not post about him, because i think when it comes to kids it is an even more sensitiv issue.
    kids kicking their legs at night is a very strong indication for Restless leg syndrom.
    complaining after sports about pain in the legs is indicator for exersice intolerance, a typical sign of CFIDS.
    all the best karinaxx
  11. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    cutting out wheat products will mostprobably help the pain after sports much more and heated fats and oels!!!!!
    Talking from expirience with myself and my son.
    all the best karina
    by the way, did you ever check out the website of tymetrust?
  12. SherylD

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    sjogrens..your daughter complaining of her stomach hurting all the time...My daughter does the same thing..I don't know about your daughter but I think mine was do to constipation...(I hope I didn't say that already before)..Since I started making stormys shake for her those compaints have stopped...She is our drama queen too..

    Also from what I have read in my yeast book..that is a problem in a lot of kids..But it sounds like you feed your kids good...Just something to consider...

    karinaxx...Thanks for the heads up on the wheat thing...Since I have changed my kids diet I have went to a lot of wheat instead of white..Like I just bought wheat noodles...I will have to check out that site you said..

    Thanks to both of you..
  13. patches25

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    When I was seeing a naturopathic doctor we talked about whether some of these diseases were just heriditary and she said some may be but there are a lot of things that pass through the placenta to the baby.

    Perhaps many of us just passed a bacteria, a virus, a parasite on to our offsprings. So in that sense, maybe we pass these infectious diseases. Until a lot more is known, I don't think there will be an answer to the heriditary question. And yes I have sick children, too. E.
  14. karinaxx

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    sorry, i am still having trouble expressing myself in english.
    What i ment is that there is often a food or chemical intolerance which accompanies CFIDS. I react immidiatly to any flour or wheat product as many on this board.
    But is very important to cut all processed food and heated oels and fats. I posted it on my thread about ayurveda.
  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest


    I hardly give them any processed foods any more..and I only use the good oils..Those were the top things I did when I started making the changes in all of our diets..

    Thank you..

  16. lease79

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    I feel that my 8 y.o.s deffinately showing signs of Fibro already... She doesn't know a great deal about what goes on with me, she just knows that her Mummy isn't well, but she gets symptoms exactly the same as mine.
    A few people have made comment to me that maybe she is mimicking me for attention, but she doesn't have a clue what goes on inside my body & still she has alot of similar symptoms that genuinely scare her :(
    The 6, 4 & 2 y.o. all seem to be fine so far on the FMs front.
    That said I have 3 with kidney reflux & 3 that have had/have asthma. One is a serious asthmatic who had a very weak immune system for about the first 18 months of his life, (unexplainable,) & they actually thought he was FTT for a while, but he wasn't, thankgod.