Do any of you feel INFECTED??

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    It's really hard to describe what I feel on a daily basis but the word I come up with is "infected." I have yet to be dx's with CFIDS/FM, but have not felt well since I had mono the summer of 1999. I quit my job 10 mos. ago b/c I just could not handle it anymore. Fatigue is a major part of my delima and I always have sore throats, head aches, ear aches, eye infections, swollen lymph nodes and the dizziness that comes when one has a bad infection and needs antibiotics. At times I feel like I could pass out from the toll all this takes on my body. Of course, all of the blood tests and other tests come up negative so the Dr. has a real hard time prescribing antibiotics. I go into see him yet again on Friday and no doubt will have to beg. Here lately I also have been waking up with really bad pains in my shoulders and arms which gets a bit better when I get up and move around. I was reading the post on post-strep arthritis which sounded interesting and could relate to it. My ANA was positive(high) and I have a rheumy app.--but that's 2 weeks away.
    I can totally relate to Sandra and what she is going through with her own DD. It gets so very frustrating, not to mention scary at times. I'm in the process of looking into disability--also have Thyroid Eye Disease going on so may not need a dx for CFIDS/FM. It is so hard to get a Dr. to commit to this! I don't have a lawyer for my disability--my husband found a representitive who used to work for the SS Dept. and now helps people get the disability payments they so deserve. Like a lawyer, he gets a small portion of $$ and only gets paid if we win.
    My heart goes out to each and everyone of you with these invisible disorders. Also the way people are advocating for our cause on here is remarkable and goes way beyond the call of duty. I feel very fortunate to have found this board and check in every day to read the posts and answer a few. There just HAS to be a future with wellness in our lives!! ((((Hugs))) Cat
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    if i was a betting person i would bet that you do. you sound just like me and all the others who have it,but keep the appt. with the rheumy. he can tell for sure. are there tender, sore spots on both sides of your knees, arms,shoulders, anywhere on you, feel for them, i found out when i went to my rheumy for the first time, he pressed down on both sides of my body, staring at the top, and working down, supposedly if you have at least 8 or more tender spots, thats how they know for sure. i had no idea how sore my body really was till he found all my tender spots.and definitely sign up now for disability, because i for one know how long it can take and thats if your doctors will back you like mine did. i was out of work 2 years and 6 months in all. i filed for disability in february of 2002 and i got 2 years back pay april of this year,2003. it took him a little over a year to win it, but he was a fantastic ss lawyer. he won my case off the record,i didn`t have to go to a hearing or anything. my doctors cooperated with him really good. so be nice to your doctors,lol but for real if a doc. is worth his salt he will back you,and you need to be getting started. get your diagnosis first, then go for it. i hope i helped a little,even tho i`m long winded. nje
    ps, and yes i feel infected, dissected, negleted and all the other eds, not really funny but true, i feel like a cripple from all the stumbling around i do,its all nasty. good luck to you on getting your disab. started. [This Message was Edited on 06/04/2003]
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    You said it all when you stated;' its hard to describe', thats how most of us feel. Its just so many things that it is hard to describe!

    There is not a day that goes by that I don't have something that is bothering me. I am one of those people that try to forget what I feel and just live day by day.

    If I just talked about how I feel, I do think I would go over the cliff.

    I am so much better than I was two years ago when I first came on this board, but I am sure not totally my old self, and probably won't ever be.

    All I ask for now, is some good quality days, and nights that I can sleep (which is one problem that has been solved through the board, its that wonderful ZMA that Mel brought here).

    I sincerely hope that some day they do find the cause of these two illnesses, and then a cure. I feel so bad for all the young people here, those with the small children, and those who are still in school.

    I have been battling this FM for twenty years, and I do this everyday. I never quit thinking that one of these days I will find the right thing that will take all the pain away and all those other little things that go with it.

    In the meantime I just do what I can, and don't worry about what I can't do anymore.

    You take care, its really true, were there is a will there is a way!

    Shalom, Shirl