Do any of you have a muscle or tendon

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    that is located between your legs or inside of your pelvis that stays contracted when it should be relaxed? Maybe the location is in, or among the pelvic floor muscles to be more precise. The exact area for me is between the A and the B, but it travels up toward my tail bone a bit. We're all grown here so I ain't gonna feel guilty for being so graphic, lol.

    I have been studying the difference in male and female anatomy to see how much we had in common on our bottom side, so that I could ask you guys this question. There are very few men around here and I really want to know if any of you experience this.

    I found that we have a lot in common down there. I also read that childbirth can cause women to have constipation, and some have to have pelvic reconstruction surgery.

    This muscle or tendon stays tense, contracted or whatever and I can intentionally relax it, but when I stop trying to, it goes back to the "tense" state.

    Big deal you say. Well it wouldn't be but it causes a gigantic pain in my butt. Butt pain. Pain radiates from this muscle throughout my pelvic floor. This muscles stays Very inflamed and sore, or feels that way.

    Thanks very much for reading this and if I have offended anyone I am sorry. I tried to respect everyone's sensibilities with this question that is so important for me to ask :)

    Maybe I sit on my rear to much (at the computer)?

    Thanks much,

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    Hi Andy ... you may want to get a laptop ... I got one and park myself in my comfy recliner ... I have a regular "command center" set up ... lol. Remotes/phones also in the mix. I am surrounded with a pile of assorted pillows that I can add or subtract as needed (elevation of various body parts). I have an x-tra long heating pad. I have a small blankie to cover up with and kitty cat nestles in my lap.

    I live alone so I only have to please myself and my kitty cat.

    My pain is much worse "sitting" at a computer (like I do at work).

    Take care!
  3. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I am so sorry to hear that yours hurts too. Have you ever asked a doctor about it? Have you ever had children? Sorry about being so nosey...

    Do you feel the muscle or tendon contracted deal?

    I guess living alone has some rewards, lol. I sure like the "I only have to please myself" thought. Sometimes I feel like I am living by myself though. Especially during the week since my wife works and is in bed by 8:30 or 9:00.

    Now, please answer my quiz... Oh yeah I guess you work? Ha ha ha.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Dear Andy

    Im female and a nurse so Im not offended. My advice is that you speak to your physician about it and ask for a referral to a urologist. Just as Gynnie Guys looks after female parts, urologists look after male parts.

    Remember that all of your muscles are probably contracted if you are like the rest of us. Its lucky my fiance understands because our sex life went downhill last year when my symptoms got really bad and I have no sex drive at all. (Plus it hurts....again, because of the spacicity.

  5. Fmandy

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    I'm very sorry to hear about your muscles affecting your intimacy. That is a bummer but it is very good of your fiancée to understand. He must be a goot one :)

    My libido is past help I think. But as you said I need to ask the doctor about this constantly contracted muscle that should be relaxed. Sometimes I wonder if it is not caused by the psychological side of me.

    Thanks for the information,

  6. Fmandy

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    This tendon or muscle that will not relax is not a mystery anymore for me. I have had a pilonidal cyst for 28 years.

    26 years ago, a surgeon wanted to do a fairly extensive and very strange surgery to remove the cyst and the "tunnels" that they form. It involved peeling back a large area of skin from just below my tail bone, where this (these) cyst is/are located. Then he would cut away the infected tissue and remove the hair and pus that forms in these cysts. This surgery would require that I lay flat on my belly for 3 or 6 weeks, I forgot.

    At the time I was in school and just could not miss my final exams. I completed school and returned to my hometown. The cyst became infected again and I had to go and see my long time (all of my life) family doctor. He lanced the cyst and packed it as he had done a couple of times before in the previous couple of years. I asked him if I needed this surgery and he said "no".

    So over the years the cyst got better to deal with. I knew to never bump it. I never had to have it lanced again, and I believe it is because it formed a drainable head. On average, every month or so my wife would have to open this head and let it drain while applying a little pressure. It would become swelled, sore and inflammed. That is when I would ask her to do this.

    Over the years, more than a few doctors accepted my way of dealing with this ailment in general, so I never worried about it. In fact my rheumatologist found this cyst and asked me about it during my first appointment, while doing a very thorough physical exam. I gave him the usual blog.

    I have never done any research on these cysts until this morning. This is what has totally freaked me out, beyond words; this cyst became infected about 5 days ago and needed draining. My wife has been sick and I didn't want her to have to do this disgusting procedure, so I got in a hot shower about 3 days ago and squeezed really hard all around this cysts. It can be felt as an extended, connected lump in many places around my tail bone and butt cheeks.

    This didn't work well at all. It drained some but became really painful, like in the old days when I had to go have it lanced to get relief. I have sit in a warm bath for the past 2 days for pain relief, and have hurt pretty bad during the night. I know I have to see as doctor TOMORROW.

    Pain Meds do nothing to relieve this pain. THIS MORNING I woke up hurting really bad. This cyst is really swelled and painful. My normal early morning low backache was bad as usual. I usually get dressed and make coffee, then drink coffee before I drop the kids off at the pool (have a BM). Not this morning. I had to go right off the bat. Ok so I drop one kid with no strain whatsoever. THE PAIN COMING FROM THIS CYST STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! My backache also got better immediately. I instantly knew that this cyst was involved with, or too close to my colon and the nerve(s) of my spine, or my spine. I also have had chronic prostatitis for 24 years. This tendon that I originally spoke of and my prostate I think are involved with this network of tunnels created by the original cyst. One doctor told me that these cyst form in some people because it is the "tail of the monkey" trying to grow.

    I had already noticed for about 2 months that when I dropped the kids off at the pool, that my very intense, burning type of lower backache was somewhat relieved. I told this to my rheumatologist during the last visit I had with him about 5 weeks ago. I also ask him if I could please get an MRI of my lower spine. He said "lets wait until the next visit, where I intend to do the really thorough exam again". This doctor is an extremely intelligent fellow. I know for sure. I knew nothing about FM and after 3 visits with him, he diagnosed me with FM. Theoretically if I had waited the 3 month time period between the doctor visits, I don't think it would have mattered, with regard to the cyst and the damage it has done.

    The next step for me is to find a good surgeon at my hospital, UAB. I just go on the website and see what schools and fellowships they attended/completed first. Then I start asking doctors for recommendations.

    This surgery requires nurses to change bandages and change the packing/repack the gigantic holes in the butt tissue, I have no idea as to how long I will have to lay on my belly. I really have no choice. I don't know what type/kind of surgeon unwraps entwined tunnels of pus and hair from around nerves and organs. Yes it is gross.

    I have registered at a web site for people with these cyst. I cannot stand to do much more than read the topic titles. One guy's "signature" says "why did I wait so long?". How about 28 years?

    I want to sedate myself as much as I can in the next ? weeks/months because the thoughts of having this surgery is tormenting me.

    All of this post is really off topic here, but it is in response to the question above, so please forgive me. I know some of you must think I am crazy, and at this point I must agree.

    Well I must go and check to see if anyone has responded to my cyst post, at the cyst organization.

    Cheers to all of you, and I hope all are feeling the very best they can today :)


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