Do any of you have a strong sense of smell

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  1. krisiee

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    I have a very strong sense of smell ever since I have developed this DD. I can smell things others cant and the smells are so strong. I was also wondering what some of you take for a sick stomach. I have been sick to my stomach for 4 days, which beats last year when it was a 4 month period but even then everything i tried didnt work. I have also stopped taking all meds but synthroid but I dont think that has anything to do with it. Hope you all are well
  2. krisiee

    krisiee Member

    I have a very strong sense of smell ever since I have developed this DD. I can smell things others cant and the smells are so strong. I was also wondering what some of you take for a sick stomach. I have been sick to my stomach for 4 days, which beats last year when it was a 4 month period but even then everything i tried didnt work. I have also stopped taking all meds but synthroid but I dont think that has anything to do with it. Hope you all are well
  3. allhart

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    thats one of the symtoms i realy hate because i can smell things other cant then they give me a migrain!
  4. sb439

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    My sense of smell has been much stronger since I got CFIDS. I often smell things people around me can't smell (e.g. chlorine and other things in tab water, some pungeant smells in the air, or in towels). And lately when I went to the opera I thought I was in a perfume store, could hardly concentrate on the music, whereas the friend I was with didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
    Seems to come with the dd.
    Hope your stomach problems will improve, and others can give you some help with that.
    take care,
  5. ssMarilyn

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    Yup, this is just another part of our hypersensitive nervous systems. I can smell things that seem to overwhelm me and hubby looks at me with a blank look on his face!

    Marilyn :)
  6. karen2002

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    I, too, am very sensitive to smells--and I have been a smoker for over 30 years. Prior to the onset of this DD, my nose was useless. Now it is hypersensitive. Many smells have become unpleasant, and induce instant nausea. I have become accustomed to eating very bland foods now because of this. The only thing I have found to help control the nausea, is phenergren (sp?).
  7. leann_sweeney

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    I use ginger like someone else mentioned. Ginger tea is good, but I get these little ginger tablets at Whole Foods Market--they come in something like an Altoids box--and I keep them with me all the time.
  8. kristine

    kristine New Member both...i seem to have the nose of a bloodhound, now...perfume, chemicals, nail polish, etc...i can't stand it...i also have the nausea, too...especially in the morning...kristine
  9. granmama

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    This is really a strange subject because over a year ago, I began having a strong urge to smell non-edible things such as: tires & moth balls.
    My first realization of this new compulsion was at a Sam's Club. My husband and I had just wanted to shop around, suddenly I said, "I smell rubber". Sure enough, we were 4 isles over from the tire section. I was drawn to them taking in the odor. It never made me nauseated though.
    My next encounter was at Home Depot and I got a whiff of something that smelled familiar, but remote. I looked all around till I found it, sure enough, it was MOTH BALLS !!

    I tried researching this on the net and could only associate it with PICA (compulsion to eat non-edible things). Of course Pica is associated with iron deficiency. And at that time I was having 1 pt of blood per week removed to rid me of the excess iron.
    As my hemoglobin has returned to a normal level, the desire to go on a rubber/mothball hunt is over. Granted, I was having the Fibro during that time as well, but I never put it with the cravings.

  10. Shirl

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    Yes, I have a strong sense of smell, hear the grass grow, and see things others don't! I have always been like this, even before I had Fibro.

    I also have a strong sense of things that are going to happen before they do, this I really hate, and when one of these 'feelings' start to over take my mind, I will pray them away. I can usually tell when people are being honest or just outright deceitful, have always been this way. Its like we have a heightened sense of everything.

    For a sick stomach, the only thing that helps me is 'Anise Tea', you can buy it at the grocery store in the Spice Department, but its a lot cheaper in the Health Food Stores.

    Just get whole Anise seeds, make a tea with a heaping teaspoon of the seeds in a 10 ounce mug. Let it stand for about five or ten minutes, so the seeds can give off their full essence. You can add a little honey or sugar for taste.

    Its the only thing that helps a sick stomach for me, also good for heart burn or gas. Its is a mild sedative too.

    I think it is one of the most overlooked herds out there!

    It tastes like licorice candy.

    By the way, I can't take pure mint either, it helps a lot of people, but it will give me heartburn instead of helping.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  11. tgirl

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    Since getting CFS my sense of smell is very sensitive, and my hearing too. I can't go to church because people usually wear perfume, and then all the noises of the crowd - too much. Perfume gives me a migraine, and so does the smell of petrol fumes or chemicals. Ginger helps with a sick stomach, but I can't take chamomile tea or anise tea (that gives me a migraine too). Sometimes even lavender will set me off, it's weird as I love that smell.


  12. WorldFalls

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    I can smell things that other people can't. Not only that, I can taste things that others can't. I can't drink out of a glass because to me, glass smells and tastes like farts (not that I know what a fart tastes like!). Glass has a sulfer-like smell that makes me sick to my stomach. I have to drink out of plastic cups. I have only ever met one other person in my entire life who could taste glass. Anyone else have that problem?
  13. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    me all the above!! It drives me crazy that I smell things no one around me can smell. Usually they'll smell the same thing later on, but I can always smell it first and stronger. I LOVE to smell a lot of things that others don't...diesel fuel, gasoline, to fill up my gastank!!!
  14. tedebear

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    Super sensitive to smells. In fact the electrician said I saved the house from burning down one day when I walked down the stairs and smelled wires starting to burn. Called electrician right away and he said that was some close call. The wire were burning or going bad or whatever they do, and we could have had a fire. At work one day also, I smelled smoke in the furnace room. Saved the furnace from catching fire. I don't know if its a gift or related to the illnesses.
    Soft hugs.
  15. dd

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    because my sense of smell is so keen. I can smell odors of any kind for what seems like miles away. Sometime these odors upset my stomach and other times I can tolerate them. The strange thing about this is my nose is always congested due to allergies but it doesn't block out the odors. I am always asking my husband "do you smell that?" He looks at me like I am crazy and says "no". I too prevented a possible electrical fire in our home. I kept smelling what seemed to me like wires burning. I asked my husband if he could smell it too because the smell was so intense to ME. He, of course, could not smell it. I had gone into my son's room earlier because that is where I thought the smell was coming from. After checking the rest of the house I went back to my son's room and his ceiling fan had smoke coming from it this time. Everything turned out fine because of my super-sensitive nose.


  16. nancyneptune

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    perfume and deisel fumes are instnt migraine time for me. And just like Kady I LOVE the smell of gasoline. I really love filling my tank. The fumes are very harmful tho Kady!!!
    We'll end up with lung cancer or some other thing from whiffing gas. lmao. N
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The rapid firing of our neurons in the brain, which comes with the territory with our illnesses, causes sensory overload in many forms. Some of us develop horrible reactions to smells; I cannot stand strong perfume or aftershave lotion and walking down the soap or fertilizer aisles in stores will make me feel dizzy and disoriented.

    My younger daughter can hear noises that the normal person cannot hear. She could hear the arcing of two wires above her desk in the ceiling when no one else could. She insisted they maintenance man check it out, fortunately, because it would have eventually started a fire. I have to unplug my electronic pest gizmo from the wall because she can hear it (so can I if I get close enough and it's quiet in my condo). Only pests are supposed to be able to hear them and they disable the neurological system of insects and small rodents. Guess that puts us in the category of rodents and vermin :)

    Light and noise are my enemies and I must slip 1/4 tablet of Klonopin under my tongue if I'm visiting a crowded store like Wal Mart.

    The Klonopin has been a lifesaver for me because at night, I take 1 1/2 tablets and I sleep wonderfully. Some here have had problems with it, though, but many of us have benefitted from it (like everything else we try).

    Love, Mikie