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  1. greatgran

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    I am the only one that has sinus problems when I crash..Seems everytime I crash it starts with body aches and my sinus/head thing hits big time along with the anxiety and the other misery.

    Last week I seemed to have an ok week actually got out of the house some and for a day or two had a little peace and joy on the inside. Now I never feel well just a better week than in months. So I try to do a few simple things, like get to the store and visit my greatgrans , went to a cookout at my daughters on the 4th and actually felt almost human.

    Well, this week I have felt like I can't live another day in this misery, the body aches, the fatigue and what appears to be a sinus infection plus the anxiety/depression along with the crying when I have the energy. So have been in bed all week .

    I just get so sick of not being able to shake this and the roller coaster ride, I think that is one reason people don't think we are sick.

    Guess I am just venting cause I feel so horrible but everytime I crash I have a sinus infection with the weird head feeling, pressure, off balance etc. just wondering if I am alone with this one..

  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Hi Greatgran,

    Sinus problems are common in CFIDS. They call it Sinusitis. It's like a recurring sinus infection but isn't necessarily an infection. I get this all the time myself. All my symptoms are worse when I'm crashing hard too. Sorry to hear you are also crashing a lot. You're actually able to be pretty active in my book.

    I find Breathe Easy Tea and Nighttime Cold Care PM tea to help with clearing my sinuses. Also, I spray some pain spray on kleenex and sniff it and that helps clear them too. Or I use Vapor Rub if I've got a bad cold with it.

  3. frickly

    frickly New Member

    It started, like always, with my lymph nodes in neck swelling up and then a migraine on the left side. Then the left side of my face and left nostril hurt like I had an infection. The whole left side of my face and head felt like I had "brain freeze". That feeling you sometimes get when you drink something frozen. I took a naproxin and it did help. Today it seems to be gone besides my minor inflammation in the lymph nodes that I seem to always have.

    Now that I think about it, my son sprayed a bunch of air freshner yesterday. I wonder if this caused my reaction? I have found that certain chemicals, like bleach, can cause a bad flare and put me in my chair for the rest of the day. Where you exposed to any chemicals or even perfumes that day? If we could figure out what brings on these flares then we might could avoid them. I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care,
  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you for your reply. I never know if its just sinusitis or a sinus infection so head for the antibiotic, that I don't like to take but it does seem to help but it could be that this knocks me off my feet and I stay in bed and rest so maybe I should not take the antibiotic. I use Vapor Rub a lot but it doesn't seem to help, I use if for my head congestion and sinus issures. Never heard of the Breathe Easy Tea or the Nighttime Cold Care PM tea, where do you find them?

    Do you really think I am pretty active? I feel like a couch or bed blimp. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hope you are doing well,
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    So sorry you have this misery. My body aches like to the bone especially my legs . I do have mild headaches but around 4 am I awake with a horrible one , but once I am up it goes away but the body aches, horrrible fatigue and the congestion, anxiety/depression stays.

    Yes, certain chemicals make me so much worse and Sat. my husband helped me clean the bathrooms or I should say he did and used bleach and I have been flaring since. Even when I open the windows to let some fresh air in the house or go out side if its windy I seem to get the sinus thing. I have been tested for allergies (not food) all negative. It was the RAST test where they take blood instead of the injections so not sure how acurate it is.

    Thanks for your reply and how I wish we could find something that we would not have to be on a roller coaster with the ups and downs of the darn dd.

    God Bless,
  6. TropicalGirl

    TropicalGirl New Member

    I know what you are talking about because I get the same thing. It is awful when you hurt, have a migraine, then to top it off you feel like you have a sinus infection and a sore throat! I always say, "...just shoot me now!"

    Anyways, I use something that really does work, but I have to tell you it makes your sinus infection a little more "raw" feeling for the first day you use it; but then by the next day, ALL of your sinus symptoms, along with the pressure and a sore throat, have completely cleared up!

    What I use is a Colloidal Silver Throat Spray, and a Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray. You can purchase them both at a health food store. (I get mine at "Sprouts Farmer's Market" in Phoenix, AZ.) Your sinuses feel raw the first day because they are already irritated, but it does work on clearing up the problem vs. just covering up the symptoms.

    Feel better,

    Tropical Girl
  7. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I get sinus problems all the time. It has been determined that in my case they are a viral infection, rather than a bacterial infection, therefore, there isn't anything that can be done about them except wait them out. These infections can knock me out for weeks. I feel so run down, have absolutely zero energy, and could sleep 24 hours a day.

    I've had this problem now for the past 18 years. I've seen six ENTs and the last one, who was a "specialist" ENT, says that there is nothing that can be done about my problem. He doesn't know why I get the viral infections as CT scans show that I have "perfect" sinuses.
  8. oh yes they do me in. I had sinus surgery yrs ago, Then an old ENT yrs ago told me my sinuses were perfect and they are caused by allergies. He gave me polaramine and I felt SO good for yrs. Now when I ask for it, they say its still available but new ones are out. I bought some zrtec but it is so expensive plus I am afraid to take it as I am soooo tired now, if it makes you more tired I won't be able to get out of bed! Good luck..
  9. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    I too have sinus symptoms with every crash.

    If you want to try a gentle herbal remedy that tunes up the mucous membranes and helps the sinuses keep cleared, use goldenseal. It comes in drops that you take in water, or in loose herb that you can brew with your tea, or there are even teabags on the market that already contain it (several brands).

    Also it helps to avoid dairy products when I've been more active, so that the sinus symptoms when I inevitably crash won't be as hard.
  10. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Great Gran,

    Sorry to hear about you sinus problems! I have been there too! I used to get sinus infections all the time (knock on wood; have not for a couple of years) One year, I was stuck with an infection for over a year! YIKES

    This is what helped me to PREVENT-or treat sinus infections; My doc gave me a script for allegra. It is an allegy medicine. She said whenever I thought I felt stuffy or an attack coming on; take one or 2 a day. This helped to keep my sinus' clear......once my sinus' got clogged, or irritated it would go into an infection. Also Flonase helped me too (a perscription nasal spray)..again, when I felt something coming on, I would use this to clear the passages. (I would use either or medicine; not both at the same time)

    Also, if you are into herbs/alternatives...taking olive leaf extract (the company I use is East Park Research-that is the only one I use because it was highly recommended to me by a friend)..You can research it on the net. It is a natural antiviral; and I am telling you; it worked for me! Even now, if I feel a 'bug' coming on; I use it for 7-10 days. You can research this on the net.

    Also, you can get a netty pot; and fill it with some water and salt, and rinse your sinus'....You can also search that for more info on the net.

    Of course when I had an infection; I would have to take antibiotics; AVELOX worked best for me.

    I think someone else mentioned; I would stay away from dairy, or cut down on it.

    I have tried all of these things; and they have helped me alot; so let me know if you give one a try, and in the meantime, hang in there!

  11. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for your input. I have thought of Colloidal Silver but didn't know they had it in the nasal spray. I very seldom have the sore throat just the head thing. I have been thinking of trying Guaifenesin but so tried of trying and things don't work.

    Glad this has helped you,
  12. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for your help, I honestly think at times I am beyond help with this darn dd. I did have the allergy testing , not food, I had the RAST test and all was negative. I haven't heard of Pycnogenol but will check into it. Oh by the way I am still searching for natural vitamins/minerals etc but when I get on the net to order I can't so confused. I know you have told me but what kind of multiple vitamins/minerals do you take?

  13. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My ENT said mine was bacterial but how can he know for sure when he doesn't do a culture or anything, but the antibiotics do help but I hate to take them..

    Thanks for your reply and sorry you have to suffer it does make one feel miserable and I hate the waiting out part but what do we do.

    God BLess,
  14. zeowa

    zeowa New Member

    Hi greatgran,
    This is my first post here, so please give me a little room for the learning curve everyone :)!

    I have had sinus infections since childhood which ramped up in my adolescence and young adulthood and continued. When I first became very ill with CFS, I was diagnosed as having mono and a massive sinus infection. For many years the symptoms of sinusitis have come up whenever I have flares. However, I recently was sent to an ear, nose and throat doctor who diagnosed me as having Atypical Migraine Syndrome. I never would have even considered this possibility and was honestly shocked to hear it, but my symptoms did/do fit. The doctor I saw is really a wonderful doctor (so I trusted his opinion) and he pulled out a list and told me that he had only in the last few years become aware of this diagnosis, so it was fresh in his mind, and I matched all symptoms on the list.

    I guess it's important to state that I do have sinus infections, and they are brought on by certain chemical smells/exposures or just low health. Often though, as I was generally treated with antibiotics, the medication did nothing to help with the symptoms (as they did not when I first became very ill). I can tell now when it is a true infection because I will have yellow or green phlegm and my teeth will literally wake me up feeling as though they are going to break free of my gums. I had no idea that the migraine syndrome could actually cause congestion, sinus pain (usually more on one side than another), dizziness, photophobia, etc. The diagnosis helped me somewhat because now I don't have as much fear of "I have an infection!!!" come up when I have the latter symptoms, and I can wait it out (usually several days).

    Unfortunately the treatment for the syndrome is not straightforward at all and involved being sent to a neurologist. I have used other treatments and had some success though.

    One thing I did not know until recently is that sinus infections (even really bad ones) do not usually present with fever, so I now attribute the fever to CFS alone.

    Of course I don't know if this is a possible diagnosis for you at all, but I thought it was worth mentioning because I had no clue and just happened upon an additional explanation by dumb luck. I do believe the flares make any neurological symptoms worse, and that is when the syndrome arises.

    I also recommend a Neti/netty pot for sinus problems (though it's not great for everyone) in addition. Mixing salt and xylitol with water is the rinse I personally use. Using Allegra or Claritin simultaneously can be helpful to break the cycle, and I am in full agreement about avoiding all dairy products as much as possible. I am lucky I guess in that I will have sinus symptoms within 12 hours of eating dairy and know to stop. Afrin can also be useful at the start of a sinus infection (for the first couple of days) to get the sinuses unblocked before a real infection can get started.

    Hope this helps!
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  15. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Most grocery and health stores carry Breathe Easy and Cold Care PM teas by Traditional Medicals. You can also buy them online. Their website is the company name all as one word dot com.

    I also use the Colloidal Silver throat spray. I spray it up my nose a few times a day when I have a very bad cold and it helps alot.

    Well you made it out for the 4th, that's better than me. "Bed blimp" that's funny! I'm one too.

    I hope you find some relief from the sinus stuff.


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  16. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks to each of you for taking the time to read and reply to my post. I have felt so bad the past few days I haven't been able to reply to each. I finally had to go on an antibiotic and yesterday seemed to be feeling some improvement. My daughter and grandddaughter that I haven't seen if over two years will be here Friday and I do hope to be able to at least be up.

    I need to go to the grocery and do some things but will just try to rest and hope this crash will end soon..

    When I am able I do think I will try the Colloidal Silver I have tried most of everything else.

    God Bless and thanks,
  17. To the gal who used allegra, does it keep you awake at night, or make you tired during the day? It says for runny nose, but mine is STUFFED UP. dr said use zrytec preferably , but said if not allegra I am sooo tired of being sick all the time.
  18. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I havne't used allegra but did try the zrytec and it made me worse, my ears rang louder my head was stuffer.. (my ears ring 24/7 but so much worse with the sinus thing) . I did have the allergy testing and mine was negative so don't know what is causing me to feel so tired with the fatigue, body aches and this darn sinus pressure or what ever in my head..

    I too am so tired of this misery and no answers.. Nothing seems to work with me except complete bed rest for a week or more, then I get up try to do things and knocked back down..

    So sorry you feel so bad..
  19. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Great Gran, if you've run into many of my posts in the past I talk a lot about what's called Rule One: Everybody's Different.

    That said, I want to tell you I've held off sinus infections, throat so sore it felt as if it had been roasted, AND lymph gland swellings...several of the things that come along with the rotten thing we deal with...for two years with a couple slip-ups that were my own fault, by using Grapefruit Seed Extract.
    Website: Tollfree phone: 1 866 724 1777.

    No, I do not work for the company and no, I don't own it or any stock IN it. lol. It's just a good place to go for health needs and the people who work there are friendly and helpful.

    I drink 10 drops GSE in water morning and night.

    ONE drop in a little water for nasal irrigation. Some of us who do the nasal irrigation thing use a Neti Pot but to save money I went to a veterinarian's office near where I live and asked for a 3cc, needle-less, obviously, syringe.
    The one drop in enough water to draw up into the syringe and put into each side of the nose several times seems to chase away whatever "bugs" might be lurking there.

    Oh and the water definitely has to be warm to hottish. Don't want you to burn your nose but if you use cold water you will feel you are drowning, :> ).

    I don't use the GSE for nasal irrigation every day; it was just a feeling I had, that that much grapefruit might irritate a possibly already irritated nose.

    Blow nose gently after use. That's it.

    I'm also here to tell you I tried the abx my dr thought would be wonderful and they not only weren't wonderful, I had to keep taking lots to even hope for no sinus woes, sore throat, inflamed, lumped, and SORE lymphs in my underarms.

    It also doesn't hurt my feelings any that the distributor is a car-ride away from my home. Finally, someplace I can get to for a little help!!

    Just something you might want to think about. Between that and the Grape Seed Extract jaminhealth uses lots of, you just might whip the sinus infection problem.


    Back to Edit; KNEW I'd forget something. If you use any prescriptions that caution against grapefruit, talk to your dr before you try the Grapefruit Seed Extract. Maybe you could use the Prescription That Cautions some hours away from the time you used the GSE?
    Good luck!
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