Do any of you suffer from adrenal insufficiency?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lauraingalls, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. lauraingalls

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    I do and am wondering what treatments you are currently using for it.

    My adrenals are very low and they fall in morning and lowest at noon and rise to the highest point at bedtime. but all numbers are still below normal.

    I take licorice root, adrena stim and adrena calm lotions- you rub them on the insides of your arms.

    also a german homeopathic med called Helmin
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    hi there. i am taking lots of vitamin c, 200 mg coq10, 500 mg acetyl l-carnitine, 3000 mg omega 3, and have other things that i need to add - calcium, magnesium, greens powder, glyconutrients, phosphytydlcholine and things i can't remember right now!

    i have to add my products slowly b/c i react to everything - where as before this happened i took all my supplements without blinking an eye. i do not have fm/cf but my adrenals have been bad for 2 years now and it is VERY hard for me. i have extreme weakness in my legs, am tired all the time, and do not handle stress well - does any of that sound familiar? in the beginning it was really bad -my nights and days were totally reversed. i would be up until 4 AM everynight. thank god i am at least sleeping at night now and not during the day (i need to nap still) but my weakness has not improved... i still cannot be physicaly active like i used to. my muscles feel like they have no glycogen stores at all. i know if my adrenals are having trouble when i do not fall asleep and then i get worried.

    i just recenlty started on naturethroid thyroid and that has helped a bit. previuosly my adrenals could not handle the T3.. so i am hoping that this shows i am improving?

    i get really discouraged and am trying to keep up my attitude but i get down.

    what kind of cream is that you use?

    thanks and hope you are well.
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