Do any of you wake up suddenly then have numbness and palpitation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjan9, Sep 18, 2003.

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    First I fell asleep unexpectedly as I'm watching T.V. Then when I'm aware I've fallen asleep, I wake up with numbness in my feet mainly, but there have been times the side of my face was also numb. Most of the times there is palpitations. But not always, but always that weird numb feeling. Last night my legs were numb also. Not the way it feels when your arm or other body part "falls asleep".
    More of a neuralgia thingy!
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    hes going to do full body scan i m feeling the same thing u r, dont know y,take care val
  3. KathyM

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    I can relate with this one for sure! About two years ago is when I would wake up suddenly with numb hand's and my heart would also race sometimes. I would go maybe a week without it happening and then it would hit me really hard; even during the day. I'm not saying everyone has a thyroid problem, but with me; I found out I had nodules on my thyroid, and had a fna biopsy etc. It wasn't cancer, but the pathologist who did the fna said, that I should have my thyroid checked probably once a year or six months. But my endocrynologist say my blood numbers look good, and when he feels my thyroid he says everything is good. Sorry to go off on my own story...... I know the numbness is hard to deal with especially when it wakes you & keeps you awake!!! I have pinched nerves/bulging disc's in my spine; so now I know why I have the nerve type pain (numbness etc.) I hope you find some relief!!! Take good care, Kathy
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    But mine is from anxiety, because it goes away after I'm awake for awhile.

    Marilyn :)
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    Hi kjan9,

    I`d get this from time to time for no real reason.

    I think the quality of blood has a lot to do with this, if we don`t eat/drink enzymes, minerals & antioxidants, the blood cannot keep clean.

    I started on 1/4 tsp Sea Salt added to 2 ltrs of tap water daily, and also 1 tbsp of Flaxseed oil a while back, have taken other supplements meanwhile but the salt & Oil have been the mainstay.
    Raw garlic & Sea Salt added last minute to food and antioxidant herbal teas are a must...

    Gone are my heart palpitations, numbness & tingling, foggy head, joint problems, irritability, I sleep well now and fatigue (although Kelp has recently helped me with this problem).

    Basically strong tasting foods herbs & spices are all good for the blood, so anything you can tolerate and like the taste of that comes naturally - have.

    Hope this helps you and good luck,

    Love Pat.

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    I'm new to all of this, the first sign that I had was heart pulp. I was in the Hospital for 10 days and was DXS with MVP, I still get pulpatations at times. Once I was dxs with FMS then I realized that this is a symptom of FMS that some of us have.

    As for the numbness I'm just starting to get that. Fall asleep feeling in my hands,arms, legs and feet. It doesnt last too long but long enough to get on my nervs, I believe it's one of those things that we have to live with, I had a body scan and nothing was abnormal.

    Wish you luck and hope you are having a good day,if you find out something different please let me know, you may want to ask your Doc about MVP.


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    For kjan9.