Do any rub on creams help burning pain? ben gay, etc.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, May 22, 2008.

  1. My hips are killing me, does any cream help? Ben gay or etc?
  2. pearls

    pearls New Member

    You might also try Castiva, which comes in a hot or cold form. The hot has some capsaicin, which comes from hot peppers, but it doesn't have a lot of it.

    There is also another capsaicin product that comes in two strengths, which have quite a bit more. I forget the name of it, but your pharmacist would know. Capsaicin is pronounced, cap-SAY-sin.

    I'd start with either the Castiva in the hot formulation or the lower capsaicin dose of the other one. Both of these products are over the counter.

    Be careful with your hands when you apply the cream. You might want to wear a disposable glove. That's because capsaicin will really burn your eyes if you happen to get any in there.

    I've used the other product and it does work.


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  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Everyone laughs at me but I use Vicks Vapor Rub and it works as well as anything I have tried.

    I don't have the horrible pain some of you speak of but I have my share so I go for the Nsaids and Vicks.

  4. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    The first time I used Capsacian cream, I showered with fairly hot water and got burned. I didn't blister, but it was bad enough to tell me to avoid very hot water while you are wearing the capsacian.

    Take care.

  5. pearls

    pearls New Member

    Deloresf1 is right! I'm so glad you mentioned it. Never combine heat with capsaisin-based creams.

    Greatgran mentioned Vicks. That product is always worth a try. It is good for a lot of things.


    I noticed I made a big mistake in my previous message. I didn't read the word, "burning" in the title. Do NOT use capsaisin-containing creams for burning pain!

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  6. maryl

    maryl New Member

    Hi. I used capsaisin, and felt like I had been laying in the sun for 24 hrs. It was torture. Obviously I'm in the minority, but wanted to tell you some of us react badly to
    it. The best thing I've found is ketoprofen cream. It's
    a prescription. The pharmacist has to compound it for you.
    It is composed of an NSAID a little like motrin or advil, but topical. I've been using it for years, and it makes the pain a little more tolerable. It's worth a try. (I should get a commission for all the people I've told about it, but they don't know me from Adam.) Anyway, I hope this
    info. is helpful to you.
  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    A good friend of mine came to visit me from Africa and I was in major pain. She gave me a bottle of Wood Lock Oil/ with clove oil.

    Best thing I have found, and I tried them all over 20 years.

    You have to order online, and be sure you only get the one with clove oil in it.

    Might add that it smells so good too.
  8. biofreeze pain releaving gel.

    you can get this as a roll on type too.i use that one.

    its about £7,in uk.cant get it on perscription though.

    love fran
  9. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I prefer moist heat and when really desperate will take blazing hot shower 2-3x daily or use a hot water bottle.

    sometimes Icy Hot with thick socks helps, with my feet in such pain they feel like stumps, its actually hard to feel the ice/hot cream working.
  10. TXPeach

    TXPeach New Member

    The original formula of "Blue Stuff" saved my life during my last bout with neck pain. It did the trick for me.

    Only problem is I think you have to order it online.

    Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon!

  11. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I have found Aspercreme to be the best for me. It does not burn or itch you. It relieves pain very well.

    It is also not very expensive.

  12. sisterk

    sisterk New Member

    I use this reliously. I got my first tube from Ortho Dr. office. I now buy this by the gallon from an internet site. I rub it on all areas that hurt. It feels cool when first put on, and has a strong minty smell. The smell goes away when it dries, I can put it on after my bath and by the time I get dressed the smell is gone and my aches and pains have let up. This is not a "sure fire fix", but it sure does help me. Also, I put it on bugbites to stop the itch.
  13. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Aspercreme helps me, at least for a little while.
  14. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I really swear by Vicks. For my hands, I also like Aspercreme, and a product called Mobisyl. Both great for the hands.

  15. Is there anything that doesn't SMELL and helps? I do however like the smell of bengay.
  16. TropicalGirl

    TropicalGirl New Member

    I also used to use BioFreeze Gel from the Chiro's office, and it worked...but today at the GROCERY STORE I saw a new product that is a spin-off of BioFreeze but it is in a SPRAY CAN! It is called "Freeze It 360 degree spray." IT IS WONDERFUL! I actually like it better than the BioFreeze stuff, and this product you can spray it on your own sprays beautifully upside down.

    It gets really, really cold, and it lasts a long time, but my severe muscle spasms that I have had now for 5 days in my shoulder blades, back and neck have backed off!

    Like I said, I am in love!!!! :)

    Give it a try...Freeze It 360 degree spray.

    Big Hug,

    Tropical Girl
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