Do chiropractors really help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minkanyrose, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    My daughter and son go to chiropractors I beleive they do work for "normals" But do they really help us with FM?

    when i got a really bad flair 6 years ago couldn't walk pain in butt hip and leg on the right side, i went to a chiropractor and he put me on a streching massaging machine it helped a little but he told me he wouldn't adjust me because it wouldn't help me and I was in so much pain it would make it worse.

    He did how ever do accupunctur also he said if that doesn't work there is nothing he could do for me.

    now my daughters chiro wants to look at me he says he can help the FM. I do have spinal stenosis and a couple of small buldges in my L4-l5 and l3-l4. but when the chiro saw me 6 years ago he said adjustments wouldn't help.

    Ny one have any luck with chiros and or not working on you?
  2. melindami

    melindami New Member

    Before I was diagnosed with fibro. I tried it for my excruciating neck pain and no it didn't help just made me feel more pain and ofcourse they say in beginning that is to be expected... but I had no improvement after 4 weeks the chiro finally gave up.. Also tried physical therapy.. Does not work although my rheum. is making me try pt again after diagnoses so far in a week no improvement...

    I think basically when you ahve lots of pain with fibro nothing works... best way to relieve it temprarily is heat or pain pills but even with the pills i still feel pain...

  3. jjoys

    jjoys New Member

    I am an RN, my husband is DO. We have seen chiropractors do more harm, because they're not educated well enough to make the kind of diagnoses they are sometimes making, and sometimes keep people from seeking the medical help they need by telling them, "You'll have to keep coming back for the treatment to work". So some have spent weeks or months making return visits to the chiro. when what they had was something he could do nothing for. LIke a friend of mine who died from Lou Gherig's disease. His chiro. kept telling him his paralysis was due to one leg being longer than the other, and his spine not aligned properly!
  4. rpatzer

    rpatzer New Member

    I have been doing massage for 26 years and currently work for 2 chiros. Chiropractic doesn't offer any help for FM. It has nothing to do with the syndrome. I have been working with 1 FM client and doing a deep, sustaining holding on her most painful areas. Each time now she has gotten off the table pain-free. I need to check with her to see how long that lasts.
  5. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    back before FMS. Once a month adjustments would help keep me limber.

    Since FMS I can no longer lay flat on my stomach without my back spasming immediatly. So the chiro adjustments would definatly be out.
  6. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    I think I will go with the majority here and the first chiro I got advice from and either do the streching again or massage.

    The Chiro my kids are seeing is new and he may just be trying to get more clientel built up for his practice.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me.
  7. BobinGermany

    BobinGermany New Member

    Went to an ortho doc a few months ago not knowing he did chiro also. (wouldn't have gone if I had of known) He asked me about my problems, etc. I told him all of them and then he said what do you want to work on first. I told him the pain in my shoulders. (I am now waiting for surgery on both shoulders as I have arthritis, bursitis, worn rotator cuff, etc) So, after I told him I wanted to work on my shoulders first he then decided to fit me for shoe inserts, told me one leg was 1/4" longer than the other and attempted to "adjust me". HE almost got an adjustment he didn't expect. He did NOTHING whatsoever to do with my shoulders. I have known several people who worked as assistants for chiros. Part of their job was to recruit new customers. They got paid a bonus for this whether the person was sick or not. Most of the time the chiro never even saw the person, only told them they really needed to come back to get well. Personally I think they should be illegal in order to protect those who know no better.

    God Bless,
  8. happycanuk

    happycanuk New Member

    I have OA as well as FM. Since going to an Upper Cervical Chiro (this is different than a regular chiro) and getting the Axis in the right place, my whole body is doing so much better. It is a matter of "getting your head on straight". He does NO manipulation. It is done by precise measurements. It has literally saved my life. The regular chiro didn't help me at all. I was going 4 times a week, just so I could keep walking, but it was ALWAYS with a ton of pain. Once I got that taken care of, the FM quieted right down. I still have the fatigue, but I know that it is caused by YEAST.

    I hope that some of you give this chiro a try as the treatment is worth everything.
  9. happycanuk

    happycanuk New Member

    Not all fatigue is caused by yeast, but mine is. I did a cleanse and got rid of the yeast, but then proceeded to overdo sugar and starches and back it came, and along with it the fatigue and brain fog. Everybody has to keep searching for what is causing the fatigue they have. It could be many things.
  10. dwink

    dwink New Member

    I am currently seeing an excellent Chiropractor. He has been in practice for over 30 years. He is very caring and has tried to co-ordinate with physical therapy including warm pool therapy for stretching exercises and toning muscles. The physical therapist does "Watsu" in the pool and it is so relaxing. I probably have gotten more benefit from the pool exercises than anything, but the Chiropractor has helped with SI joint dysfunction, low back pain and neck pain. He is mostly seeing me now for mobility. There are good ones and not so good ones just like anything else. Mine told me from the beginning there is no cure for FMS, but there are things to do that can make the pain less severe. I must admit I am sore and have pain, especially in the beginning, after the adjustments, but only for a day or two. There is a big difference in the way I was when I first started going to him and how I feel now. I am for it if it works, but if not, don't do it. I at least feel like I am doing something for myself, where I wasn't before.
  11. csl521

    csl521 New Member

    DONT HELP!!! Often do more harm than good and often claim they can cure things they cant. Plus they don't give you any strategies to stay pain free and supported, they just keep adjusting and adjusting etc. AND they often use modalities they aren't very well trained to use. They may have a small bit of training, but I personally don't trust someone to do ultrasound or estim on me if they don't have the training. That can be dangerous.

    If you have stenosis and dsc bulges, adjustments arent for you, can possible make it worse. I'd try a goor orthopedist if the pain is that bad, but if you can find a really good physical therapist (not someone who does ice and estim and maybe a bit of massage) but someone who does some good manual therapy and gives you the right exercises and training and actially spends some time with you then that would be a better bet than a chiropractor. A good P.T. can do all the adjustments a chirporacter can do plus give you more things to help alleviate the problem and keep it away.

  12. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    His wife has Fms/Cfs both...and although he does offer her some help for the migraines she gets..and when she is particularly knotted up, he can relieve some of the tension for her. But she is sicker than I am, and he has really not been able to improve her health.

    He is trying though, he goes to many seminars, and reads much and talks to many people that are trying to help us in one way or another. He has had her try many supplements, some have reacted badly..some have helped a bit...Being a chiropractor..he is big on natural cures..and less on drug company cures. But honestly...I think it is admirable how hard he works to find help for his wife...but I think he is sort of 'grasping at straws' most of the time.

    I believe that unless and until someone finds out WHY we have the pain and fatigue we have...most doctors and chiropractors are just shooting in the dark trying to find things that help! I know that sounds negative...but I believe we need to know WHY before we can really be helped by anyone!
  13. appleaday

    appleaday New Member

    I agree with Happycanuk that upper cervical chiropractic ( can be very helpful. It is very different from regular chiropractic and has been a mainstay for me.
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  14. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Some people do receive relief from chiropractors.
    I found one who helps me but not all chiropractors use the same techniques.

    I also have arthritis and degenerative discs besides the fibro so perhaps its just helping those...who knows!

    Some chiropractors can cause you to hurt.
  15. meeeeeelee

    meeeeeelee New Member

    I seen a chiropracter a few months ago and instead of doing the old fashioned "manual " adjustments......he used this machine, called a pro-adjuster I believe. Well, it was terrible. After the first visit it felt like someone had taken a hammer and a chisel down the length of my spine!!!!! I was in excrutiating pain and lost 4 days work! Makes me wonder why I let them near me. I have facet degeneration in my cervical spine, along with my fibro. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  16. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I go to them. They help me. Chiropractors deal with bones.

    I also am a Massage Therapist and I also get massages. Massage Therapists deal with muscles, so massage therapy makes since to help fibro. since there is so much pain in the muscles.

    Me personally, I have a problem with my muscles pulling my bones out of socket because they are so tight, so in turn that's why I get chiropractic adjustments.

    So, I guess what works for someone might not work for someone else.


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