do diet and exercise really help?

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    Awhile back I posted asking for advice on easy cleaning--my cleaning lady thought she had cancer. She didn't, thank heavens, but now she's off again because her doctor can't find what's wrong.

    Anyway, I followed your tips--thank you, thank you, thank you!--and with a little help from my husband cleaned our whole house today. Not the way the cleaning lady did it, but it looks okay.

    So I'm wondering--I'm 94 lbs overweight, going by the goal Weight Watchers set for me back in my 30s--many many years ago. I reached my goal then, kept the weight off for about 15 years. I went back to WW, lost some of what I'd gained, then hit a plateau and dropped out.

    Then our car went out, and with payments on a new (to us) one, I felt I couldn't afford to go back. For the same reason, I stopped going to the pool.

    But what I'm paying the cleaning lady would cover the cost of WW and the pool. Still, I'm afraid to let her go--what if I can't keep up with the house? We're retired and my husband works part time, so I can't count on him too much, and good cleaning ladies are hard to find.

    Any advice would be welcome.

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    do they help to lose weight or does it help put FM/CFS in remission????

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    and do what you your ww and pool therapy if you can...walk a little each day and increase it..i really need to read your bio...

    because it is hard to give advice not knowing your personal limitations....

    so that is what i am going to do now..

  4. GinnyB

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    Thanks, Donnaeil and Jodie,

    I think I will let the cleaning lady go. It's encouraging that you both benefit so much from water therapy. Maybe I'll try that before I go back to Weight Watchers.

    Thanks again,

  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Both reduce pain and increase energy, combat depression and make you feel more vital. Its a good morale boost if you like what you see in the mirror too. You don't have to be skinny, just a healthy weight for you, and some people don't look good skinny at all.

    I think you should keep your cleaning lady. maybe reduce her shifts, but its so nice to have that backup when you hit the rough patches. I know how demoralizing it is when the place is a shambles and theres nothing you can do about it. I used to have a cleaner when i was single and lived in Ottawa, it ws covered under disability. I really miss it.

    Find a type of exercise you enjoy and can do at or near home. Like walking in a nice park, volunteer dog walking, get a Y-Dan or Tai Chi video. Gentle martial arts exercise can be much less boring than regular exercise and more relaxing because of the story behind each movement and the deep breathing that goes w/ it.

    Save lots of money on WW and get yourself a book called "Why French Women Don't Get Fat". It will revolutionize how you eat, w/out dieting. I'm pretty against weight loss programs like WW because people usually drop out and then gain back, becaue they don't know how to eat right on their own. But that's how all these paid clubs make their money, on repeat business. Eating rigtht, w/ very gentle exercise, customized to your condition, are the long term way to go. You need to integrate changes that are comfortable, easy to live by that are a permanent lifestyle.

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    I know that a lot of people have lost weight on this program and that it's been around for a long time. I resisted going for a long time because every other diet I tried worked for a little while, I lost a few pounds, but always gained it back plus more when I started eating normally. Well, a few months ago, I "bit the bullet" mainly because a couple of friends were losing at WW, and I joined the program.

    The WW Rep was very nice and enthusiastic...had a great, lively personality. It was kind of fun to be around a group of women who also needed to lose weight. However, my "inner alarm" went off when at every meeting, the WW Rep and several members recommended packaged foods that one could eat freely if you stayed within the points allowed. You could eat sugar, dairy, processed foods...all the stuff I knew was not healthy for me.

    My metabolism is so damaged from years of dieting and from this DD that in one month I lost one pound. I tried both plans and neither one worked for me. Plus, I never knew when I'd miss a meeting because of my health and then have to pay double the next time I went. I just didn't have the money to spend on a program that wasn't encouraging people to eat properly.

    That was my WW experience. I'm glad I went because it convinced me that I will never again go on a "diet". I know what I should and shouldn't eat and honestly, I was eating healthier before I was encouraged to eat all those WW pre-packaged foods and snacks.

    Good luck to you, Ginny. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

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    You probably don't want to hear from a guy's perspective especially since I'm not speaking from experience, but some of the experiences that I've heard about goes along the same lines as lolalee expressed...

    And as far as the cleaning lady; can you compromise the time she spends with you and possibly save some money, while using her when only needed.. which would in turn ultimately help you...