do foods give you energy?

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    I'm eating all the best foods like extra virgin olive oil chicken salmon spinach porridge everyday no gluten lactose free milk tons of water eggs, beans but I don't understand why these foods aren't giving me energy? I've read they're so good for u with lots of vitamins so why doesn't my body convert it to energy? I don't know what else I can do? Is food not enough do I need a lot of vitamin supplements as well?
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    There are some genetic conditions that can keep you from using fats in your diet for fuel, and others that cause low cellular phosphorus levels so that you don't have enough ATP for energy.

    If you can find a mitochondrial disease specialist in your area you might get some answers. Here are a few resources:

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    Your diet sounds good but you will not be getting enough B12. You cannot get it in your diet sufficient enough to correct the deficiency.

    One supplement has been shown to consistently help people with ME/CFS.
    Vitamin B12 sublingual lozenges are an easy way to get this vitamin.
    You will be deficient in it, as all people with ME/CFS are.

    It is the best start to lift your energy levels.

    As suggested you could take that further and see a mitochondrial disease expert if you can locate one.
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    Hi. I am 65. I've had CFS for almost 17 years. I make eating well and avoiding processed foods and too much bread and dairy helps me, but I will say that each day I find I have to eat some chocolate or a little sweet of some kind and that helps my energy. Sometimes I need just a small glass of regular Coke . I know too much sugar is bad for us and I am not advocating going hog-wild on junk.....but the chocolate, preferably dark, seems to be a good pick-up for me. I just can't go all day without a little something sweet or I get all the hypoglycemic symptoms that seem to go along with this disease. Good luck.
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    Apples give me energy. I espcially like Pink Lady or Fuji apples. They are generally tart and a little sweet. I sometimes I will add a tablespoon or so of almond butter or peanut butter too.
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    Hi thanks I got my vit b12 checked in November and it was OK surprisingly I think it was 525 and so not sure if I need more?