Do I ask dr for referral or find one myself?

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  1. keke466

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    Soon as I can I'd like to see a rheumy. Is it better if I ask the dr for a referral or just find one and go? Would it be alright for me to ask her if the rheumy believes in FM,if she knows, cause I can't afford to go to just anyone and have them tell me they don't even believe it exist. I don't have insurance and can't get any help.

    Although I just read in our newspaper that one of the preachers here in town is going to start a free health clinic. I wonder if any rheumys or other specialist will be associated with them. Would you just ask the dr?

  2. BlueSky555

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    Hi Keke,

    I think it would depend on your relationship with your dr., also, how long have you been seeing her?

    In my case, I have seen my dr. for many years. Therefore, as long as I go on a regular basis and something comes up that I feel I need referral, etc., I can just call and tell nurse problem and ask nurse to ask for a referral.

    If you haven't been seeing your dr. for long period of time, then you may have to go in for a referral. To my knowledge, you must have a referral for a rheumy.

    As for asking your dr. about rheumy about FM, I might would wait until after appt. is made, then call and ask receptionists or nurse if this rheumy treats FM.

    That's only my opinion but good luck with what you decide.

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    When I finally got my primary dr. to agree that I "might" have FM and he recommended that I see a rheumy for a definite yes/no on the diagnosis, he have me 2 names.

    But he also told me that rheumatologists do not like to see fibromyalgia patients and that they might not even give me an appointment. So when I called them I asked if they worked with fibromyalgia patients. Those 2 and a whole bunch more said no, but I just kept working down through the list I got from my insurance company until I found one who said he did accept FM patients.

    He's way on the other side of town, but he did confirm the FM and has been really helpful about medications, follow-up etc.

    So whether or not your doctor gives you a referral, I'd recommend asking each rheumy's office staff before making am appointment. Even if they have to check with him or his nurse to find out, it will save you a wasted co-pay, gas and time. You may have to try several, as I did, before you find one who will see you.

    There should be a list in your phone directory, although that wouldn't necessarily be a great way to find a doctor if you can't get referral/recommendations it's better than nothing.

    It would be great if the free clinic worked out for you though.

    Best wishes,

    PS. although I'm using the term referral to mean a recommendation from your doctor of who to contact, it can also mean your primary doctor is OKing it so the insurance will pay. In your case, a specialist might not need actual referral paperwork because the insurance would not be involved.
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    Dear Keke:

    I have had the best luck with getting referrals from nurses. You have to be careful about how you ask them. You cannot ask them for a referral, as that would not be professional of them. If you have a good relationship with the nurse at your PCP office ask her who she would go to if she needed a rheumatologist. Oh, make sure that she knows you have FMS, and ask if the doctor she thinks is good treats patients with FMS.

    Also, you might have to go through your insurance company to get an approval to see a "specialist".

    Just a thought.


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  5. NyroFan

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    I have Medicare A,b and d, so I can go anywhere.

    If would ask the doc for one and try it.

    If you do not like their attitude, try another one, and another if you have to.

    Yes, I think many of us have had the long road to the right doc.

    Good Luck.


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