Do I have a Candida Infection?

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    So I've been doing a lot of research lately on systemic candida and think it may be the problem affecting me for years. To sum up the course of my symptoms over the past 5 years: I started out with sudden/unexplained acne sometime during college (keep in mind no one in my family has/had acne during that age and I had previous had normal/clear skin) which presisted for years and years. I also got sick alllll of the time. I would come down with throat infections/sore throats and was given anti-biotics of course. I also experience many strange skin problems (weird rashes, irritations from jewelry that was never a problem before). I would also go through times where I had severly swollen glands on my neck and under my arms. I also tested positive for mono which I read is sometimes the case with the yeast overgrowth. Few years after, once starting work, I feel terrible. It's hard to describe how I feel... friends, family and doctors all think I am a hypocondriac. I feel pains throughout my body if I do not get perfect sleep! By perfect I mean consistent, 8 hours, full night's sleep. God forbid I should go to bed an hour later one night, the feeling throughout my body the next day is worse than being hung over. Again, its hard to describe how it feels. I know most people feel bad on lack of sleep.. but I know that the way I feel is not normal. I REMEMBER what it was like to feel "normal" tired.. before all this craziness started... this is not that. It's different and so much worse.

    About a year ago I discover wheat/gluten intolerance and how it can affect skin, specifially acne. So I decided to give a gluten-free diet a try (without doctor's notice). I do and the initial results are outstandingggg. My acne had cleared up within days and the face twitches I would get when tired (it only took one night of poor sleep) stopped. I even had a "withdrawal" response and my entire body broke out in a rash. However, these results were short lived. I slowly began feeling bad again... and my skin did not remain as clear, although it is still much improved. I went to a GI doctor during this time and I do not have celiac disease. I also went to an allergy doctor who performed the skin prick test and no allergies were found. I read about how yeast overgrowth can cause food intolerances.

    New problems have emerged since... sleep disturbances. Insomnia.. was on ambien for about 2 months. I am not off of it but still have problems sleeping through the night and sometimes wake up and can't fall back to sleep. I feel like crap about half of the days in the week approximately.

    I have been to doctors and gotten multiple bloods tests and everything looks fine.

    This morning: Did the "spit" test. Failed. There were undoubtly strings ("legs") hanging from the slavia into the glass. My spit never hit the bottom of the glass however.

    Based on this history, and I'm sure there is a lot more annoying symptoms I am missing, does it seems like I have a candida problem? How accurate is this "spit" test? I was thinking of having my parents take it to see what happens to their spit so I can compare. lol. Also, I am wondering if I experienced such major relief from removing gluten because a lot of gluten products contain yeast as well.

    And if I do think I have this where do I go?? Holistic/ Naturpathic doctor? If I want to see a regular MD what kind of doctor would I need to go to? I don't want to be laughed at. I'm sick of doctors not taking me seriously! Okay so maybe I am not dying, but quality of life is horrible!