Do I have a yeast problem?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Giulz1979, May 29, 2003.

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    I have had this overall feeling of sickness for close to a year now. I started to do some research online I thought I could have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, feeling sick, nausea, diarrhea/constipation, fatigue, abdominal bloating. But as I do more research it sounds like I could have a yeast problem. I also have breakouts around my mouth every few months, I get cracks in the side of my mouth and my lips get red and burn and are itchy. I have seen a Dermatologist and she does not know whats causing it. I think if I do have a yeart problem it could be causing this. When I try to explain this to people they think i'm crazy. Is anyone familiar with yeast problems or my symptoms? If so, what kind of remedies are out there to help me? I need something, please help!!!

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    I am just learning about this myself. I am 99 prcnt sure I suffer from Candida too. I was on antibiotics for a long time for acne treatment. My two daughters have fever blisters and sores in their mouths. My oldest has alot of problems with her sinuses, and I took her to a doctor of internal medecine several years ago. She said more than likely my daughter suffered from Candida too, and that I could have possible passed it on to my children during the birthing process. There is a chat board you can access through this one that is designed for yeast sufferes. I'm sure you might be able to look in post dated messages here regarding the subject.
    I take olive leaf extract, and a "yeast defense system" which I obtained at a local vitamin/herbal store. Sorry I can't give you more info. I suffer from IBS too, and depression, and overall body aches. My doctor said it is fm, but I think it is candida. time will tell.
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    I have everyone of the symptoms you listed as well as severe fatigue, muscle pain, and more too numerous to list. I have been reading Dr. Crook's The Yeast Connection,,,,no quanitive measure for yeast in the body, so it's got me wondering if this is just some more snake oil. But, what do I have to lose? Nothing else seems to be working and the diet eliminates sugar and refined flour which I shouldn't be consuming anyway. I would recommend the book,,,,you can pick it up on Amazon for a couple of bucks. I have heard from others that following the instructions for yeast elimination has made them much, much better. Best of luck to you. Tulip
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    Here's my story which is pertinent to what you are noticing-----

    I started putting my symptoms together & reading the "Yeast Connection" book. After taking the quiz, I was SURE I had a systemic yeast infection; I had a lot of the symptoms you all describe, and had in the past spent tons of time on antibiotic therapy (for chronic sinus infx) & had taken birth control pills for years & used short courses of prednisone; these are all red flags for a yeast overgrowth problem.

    I was able to find a very good allergist/immunologist who I knew tested for systemic candida as well as other things, & he had sucessfully treated several people in my local FM support group (a good place to get a doctor referral, BTW).

    I found out that I did NOT have a systemic candida problem (& my doc does very thorough testing) but I was seriously allergic to many foods I'd spent a lifetime eating! This can cause many of the same symptoms. He put me on a very strict but excellent diet (I eat all fresh fruits, veggies, protein, very few grains). I am starting to feel better & have also lost many pounds over time that I needed to lose (a little side benefit).

    I'm just mentioning this because it is very worth finding an allergist who tests for all this stuff (food sensitivities & allergies, candida, thyroid, metals toxicity----the whole shebang!) so you actually KNOW, instead of guessing, what your problem is. The testing was covered by insurance, BTW, all except metals test (I think around $42).

    If I had just gone with my gut thinking that I had a yeast infection, I'd have stopped all sugars, but continued to drink milk & eat cheese----which was killing me! So I'm just saying, it's worth really finding out what you are dealing with!!

    Good luck to all & hope you find answers & feel better,
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    Are you trying to say this is all part of fms? I am so very confused over fm. I'm not stupid, but the whole concept is hard for me to fully understand. I just don't understand why the medical profession is so divided over Candida and FMS. I don't understand why so many people suffer from either or both, and there are no difinitive answers.
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    Hi! I am new to the group. I suffer with Multiple chemical sensitivities, fibro, CFS and the worst for me is the Leaky gut syndrome.

    I did not have chronic fatigue until I had the leaky gut problem for about 2 years. What you are describing is how my leaky gut started about 4 1/2 yrs. ago. I finally found a doctor who would do the RAST test (food allergy testing) Found out that I was allergic to everything. This may or may not be some of your problem.

    Hope this helps someone.

  7. pam_d

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    ....I honestly believe now (and remember, I'm NOT in the medical profession, this just my own journey with FM, & the tons of research & reading I've done) that my FM issues began largely because of the "leaky gut syndrome" (which Berta described) that happens when you have severe, undiscovered food allergies. I believe this weakened my immune system so much that I eventually got FM.

    Can I say that I'd NEVER have gotten FM if I had found out I had allergies to foods twenty years ago, and intervened then? No, I can't say that for sure----but I do believe my undiagnosed food allergies & resulting leaky gut are a HUGE, contributing factor to FM for me. Much the way that Mikie & others here feel the stealth infections they have, are an underlying issue to their FM that needs to be strongly addressed in order for them to get better.

    I believe (just my opinion) that most of us have some undiagnosed, underlying factors that lurk beneath our FM, or at least the severity of our FM symptoms. I honestly don't think it is the same thing for each one of us; we are individuals with different health histories, different genetic make-ups, etc., so underlying factors will vary. And candida overgrowth can definitely be one of those things that needs to be dealt with, but it is well worth getting an actual test so that you are sure this is what you are dealing with! That way, you are on the proper diet, supplements & anti-fungal-type drugs (if necessary).

    I think Dorothy said "I'm not stupid..." NO, of course you are not!!! FM is so confusing, and all the information here & other places about FM, is so overwhelming, it makes your head swim!! We just have to try to be the best detectives we can be about our FM, and I mean our own, particular brand of FM. While I have learned about my food allergies & know more than I want to (!) about leaky gut, and am addressing these problems, my "FM education" isn't over by a long shot!! I am hardly cured, I just know I'm feeling a little better. But there's tons I don't know yet about why my FM presents itself in the way it does (like why I have less intense pain, but more neurological symptoms than others) and I hope to keep learning---from all of you---so that I can keep peeling back the layers of this disease & uncover more underlying factors.....

    Good luck & better health to us all,