Do I have Candida?

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    I'm a 21 year old male that's been in perfect health up until about a year ago. I've been to several doctors over the past year, but haven't had any luck getting back to how I use to feel a year ago.

    This is what is basically wrong with me...

    -After eating I sometimes get heart palpitations 30 minutes or so later.
    -I often feel out of it and fatigued. Kind of like a fuzzy feeling in my head.
    -Even if I get 8-10 hours of sleep I still don't feel refreshed.
    -I think my anxiety has gone up a lot like when I feel fatigued and just out of it or if my heart starts racing or I get panic attacks
    -If I drink alcohol I get the worst hangovers now. I use to be able to have fun on a weekend night, then felt better by lunchtime or the afternoon. Now hangovers last a lot longer and are a lot worse.
    -I use to exercise everyonce in a while and could run a few miles without any problems. I sort of stopped over summer and last Fall I tried to start again and couldn't even run more than 1/2 a mile before getting tired and out of breath.
    -My stomach sometimes feels queasy and I have belching
    -Bowel movements are sometimes kind of loose/mushy
    -My throat sometimes has a discomfort feeling
    -Tongue has a yellowish coating near the back of it

    So I was reading online and read that Candida can cause some stuff like this. Doctors have looked at my tongue, but never said anything about the yellowish coating. I also did the "spit test" and noticed stringy legs that were growing and stuff sinking towards the bottom. Also when brushing my teeth I can sort of remove the yellowish coating if I brush back there for a while, but it's sort for on the back of my tongue that it's not easy to do because it makes you want to gag. Anyways here are a few pictures of my tongue... Should I mention Candida next time I see my doctor? Right now I'm seeing a GI doctor...

    And here's how it looks after I kind of brush the area with a toothbrush... A lot of the coating is gone compared to the first two pictures.

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    Since you are seeing a doctor and are wondering if you have Candida, you can ask him/her next visit. Depression and anxiety can cause many of the symptoms you mentioned. Also, if you are taking any medications (over the counter, supplements or prescription and then drinking alcohol, that isn't smart or healthy).

    My opinion is to stop drinking to avoid the horrendous hangovers that are now not easy to get over; that once you quit an exercise program to restart it very, very slowly over a long period of time; with anxiety one of the keys is to work on deep breathing from the diaphram; as to gunk on tongue most people have gunk but do not use a tongue scraper that properly removes it (and it is the stuff that can cause bad breath, etc.) Go to a store and get a tongue scraper that is U shaped and use it on your tongue when brushing your teeth; your entire system is being put through alcohol binges causing hangovers and it can cause stomach and bowel problems, so stop the alcohol and put yourself on a healthy eating pattern. Good luck.
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    Recommend combining nutrition and energy medicine to beat Candida and recovering your immune system:

    Use Three-Lac, Digestinal, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Primal Defense, and the Harmonic Quad 5 with Antenna. Because the candida diet can accelerate the recovery process, stay on it for the first 3 to 6 months. After 6 months add the Harmonic Quad with Antenna and gradually experiment with adding different foods to your diet, continue to avoid refined sugar for at least 2 years or longer.

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    "Not only have our Candida problems been eliminated, but we now eat fruit, pasta, cereal, bread, cheese or can have a glass of wine with dinner. No food is taboo anymore (although we still don't go crazy with sugar). But what a joy it was to return to that kind of freedom in eating. Our sleep is deeper, our thinking clearer and we have more energy and get so much more done."

    --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---- oil.html

    "In addition to Virgin Coconut Oil, if you suspect that you have a candida yeast overgrowth, supplement your diet with strong probiotics to balance the flora in your intestinal tract and rebuild your immune system. Traditional fermented foods are one of the best additions you can make to your diet, while eliminating refined sugars and simple carbohydrates that the yeasts feed upon."

    --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

    "Digestinal to restore proper immune system function."

    --------------------------------------------- -------------------------

    Harmonic Quad 5 with Antenna, - start using it 10 minutes/day and monitor die-off reaction then gradually increase to overnight. More you use it the more you will interrupt the candida reproductive life cycle which progresses from spore to mycelial form very rapidly. When you contact deb ask about anti candida products as well.

    Good Luck!