Do I have FM?

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    I remember that over the past year or two, I have had uncommon pain and tiredness. I first noticed it after a long day of work (Job), cleaning, taking care of child (single mother), stressful situation. My body would ache all over and I would tell people I felt like I had the flu, but just the achy muscle part. It would come and go.
    But, lately the problem has become more persistant. After 10 hours of sleep, I feel like I've been up all night. I wake up with muscles aching and it progressively gets worse throughout the day. By evening, I don't want to move. My body hurts all over, from head to toe. I have significant neck/shoulder aches/pain along with the rest of my body experiencing this achy feeling. I seem to sleep well, but wake up exhausted. Symptoms get worse as the day goes on. Along with this, I am experiencing brain fog. I have worked at the same job for 7 years, but now I get confused at work. I am a real estate paralegal, so I work with 15-20 files at a time, and lots of numbers. Some days I go in and just feel overwhelmed with what I used to do without thought. Now, I sit and have to really think things over. It seems my body is too tired/hurting to think.
    I have not been to a doctor yet because there are days here and there (although rare) that I feel almost normal. Then, the next day I wake up exhausted and hurting all over. What do you think?
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    You do have a lot of the symptoms but it could be many things. Its good that you can sleep, I thing the not being able to sleep was one of my first symptoms. But I have CFS and Fm. Not sure of your age but could it be hormones? My advise would be to get checked out by a good doctor and not mention FM to the doc, until you hear what he has to say.
    Wish I had an answer but do find out what is going on with your body. The sooner the better.
    I feel if I had gotten a Dx sooner I would be better today instead of slowly declining.

    God Bless,
  3. Janalynn

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    You certainly could, but as mentioned, you need to have other things rules out. There are many other things that can have the same set of symptoms.
    As mentioned you need to have blood work done. Unfortunately I can't remember all that I was tested for. I know I was tested for RA, Celiac, Vit D deficiency, another test that went deeper than the normal RA test (Rheumatoid arthritis). You also need a good physical exam - you should have a tender point test.

    I had not really heard of Fibromyalgia. I guess I'd heard the name a few times but had no clue what it was. Someone mentioned it to me and I looked up the symptoms. I couldn't believe that I had them all!
    I had suffered with them for over 20 years but truly believed that it was 'just the way I was'. I suffered from severe IBS - then read that it is common with Fibro.
    When the pain became unbearable and I swore I had someone VERY serious going on, my new primary care physician immediately suspected Fibro. I was then referred to a rheumatologist who confirmed.

    See a Dr. tell them your symptoms and more importantly tell them how this is effecting your life - what you can and cannot do. That is much more impactful.

    Good Luck - pls let us know how it goes!

  4. loto

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    it sounds like i did before i was diagnosed last june. I knew for quite a while there was something just not right with me, but i would go to the doctor for separate things, and not put all my symptoms together! Nor did my doctor! it wasn't until i was having eye pain that my sister told me her sister in law told me to get checked for MS. So, after doing research on that, I came across FM, and BINGO! finally put all my symptoms together, and got a diagnosis, along with a brain MRI to rule out MS. So, I would suggest going to your doctor and start the testing process! Sounds even more exhausting, yes, but will be worth it to find out why you're feeling so crappy. I do have good days, where I don't have many problems at all, for some reason that's how Fibromyalgia works. Glad you found support here, it's helped me tremendously.
  5. Pansygirl

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    It sounds like it could be fibro but I would definitely suggest
    going to your doctor and telling him what you told us about how
    the pain and fatigue is effecting your life.

    I had routine bloodwork done to rule out other things that
    might be similar. But in the end it was determined after ruling
    out everything else that I did have fibro.

    I would like to say welcome, this is a wonderful site with caring
    people and alot of information.

    Please keep us posted.

    Gentle hugs, Pansy

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