do i have lyme or not?? need clarification please

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    I just got back from one of my doctors yesterday, he is a holistic kinesiologist and three weeks ago gave me a borrelia remedy which was apparently active in my body at the time. before this, i haven't experienced any problems with borrelia or anything similar for maybe a year or so, but i've had several problems in the past with this. he said this doesn't necessarily mean i have lyme, but i don't understand how i could have borrelia active on some occasions but not actually have lyme? isn't borrelia a strain of lyme and doesn't this mean that it is in fact in my body but it just may be dormant from time to time? i need clarification on this if anyone can help me.

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    Borrelia burgdorferi is the name of the spirochete bacteria that causes lyme disease. According to Dr. Kenneth Singleton in the book "The Lyme Disease Solution" (which I highly recommend), over 100 strains have been identifed in the US and over 300 strains world wide.

    What you describe makes me think that you have a chronic lyme infection. If it were acute, the first stage, with the proper treatment it would be much easier to treat and eliminate.

    In the chronic stages, it has spread throughout the body and is effecting systems, organs, tissues, and can cause symptoms that sound a lot like CFS, FM, MS, ALS, and other illnesses.

    In addition, you may also have other tick-borne infections such as bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia.

    Although it's possible to be helped by a kinesiologist, I would urge you to find a lyme-aware/lyme-literate doctor in your area, one who has a high success rate in treating patients. You can find such a doctor on lymenet dot org. Go to Flash Discussion, Seeking Doctor, and make a post. Someone will contact you with information.

    Diagnosing lyme disease can be tricky, because it imitates so many other illnesses, as I already mentioned. It takes a trained professional who can make a clinical diagnosis which takes into account your symptoms, history, and lab work. The most reliable of the lyme tests is the IGENEX LAB WESTERN BLOT. Some doctors additionally use a test called the CD 57 to monitor treatment progress.

    I encourage you to read up on lyme disease. You will find that the controversy on lyme can be confusing. I recommend the ILADS guidelines NOT the IDSA ones. I also recommend the book I mentioned above to get started.

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    I think you are on the right path. No one wants to have lyme, to call it a nasty disease would be an understatement. PLEASE find a competent LLMD who can make a clinical diagnosis based on your symptoms and do both CD-57 and Igenex test. My igenex test tested for borrelia and all tick related illnesses. I THINK I only have borrelia and all co-infections (ebv, myco, cpn). The CD-57 is a good biomarker as to how ill you are with lyme and co-infections.

    YES I was told lyme goes in cycles, so it has the ability to produce symptoms and then disapear depending on how bad off your immune system is. The longer you wait to get treated, the more systems it attacks.

    I, like you, got ebv from another person. When I never recovered from the ebv I just resolved myself to having CFS and hoped for improvement if I did the nutrition thing. If it weren't for the people on this board trying to shed some light about lyme and CFS misdiagnosis, I wouldn't have considered getting tested. It took me a year of gradual decline paying tons of money to the best CFS docs to consider this.

    I hope you get some answers soon.