Do I Still Have Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aberlaine, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Aberlaine

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    I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia six years ago. My doctor eliminated everything else, a rheumatologist located my tender points. At the time I had widespread pain and was taking Ultracet several times a day.

    I don't have major pain anymore. I've stopped taking Ultracet and now only take meloxicam for arthritis. But I still have major exhaustion, fibro fog, unrefreshed sleep and poor cognitive functioning.

    Do I still have fibromyalgia? I know there's no cure. So what's going on?

    PITATOO Member

    What has changed in your life? Sleeping better, less stress. You may or may have not had FMS but it sounds like it. I have been battling this for 16-17 years and it goes up and down, not saying it will come "back" for you. But maybe you are managing your sleep, life and stress better. Not sure what meloxicam is but could it help with pain of FMS? Hard to say. Just knock on wood and enjoy the "new" you. But try not to overdue it and try to find factors that may have caused flares in the past and be aware of them. But if you still have the fibro fog and sleep I'm leaning towards a remission of the pain aspect.
  3. Janalynn

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    Fibro doesn't go away - so you either didn't have it or you are in a really good place that I'd just be thankful for. I've had Fibro for about 27 yrs I've figured now. Only diagnosed for 4 years.

    I did however have some really good years with only some manageable aches and pains - nothing that was horrible by any means. I always chalked up the way my body felt just to the way I was, what was normal for me, including my sleep issues.

    When things got really bad about 7 yrs ago one Dr. tried me on some different meds for pain - then certain issues led me to a different Dr., then a rheumy who confirmed the suspected diagnosis.

    For many people the symptoms can wax and wane. As I mentioned, for me I had some really good years, raising small children, working full time etc.

    Take GOOD care of yourself, pace yourself and I hope you continue to feel well!!
  4. IanH

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    I would suggest that you have me/cfs and that the widespread pain (fm) has reduced to the point where you are comfortable. One test: do some vigorous exercise then see how you feel 12, 24 and 48 hours afterwards. This is called post-exertional malaise. If you are still struggling 24 hours afterwards then you probably have me/cfs.

    I know that meloxicam (aka Mobic, a cox-2 inhibitor, like celebrex) will not account for your major pain reduction but will keep arthritic inflammation down. It is not a drug that has any effect on "fm" pain.

    I know this because, exactly what you say happened to me. Exactly six years after my diagnosis of FM. I know I have ME/CFS because I have the symptoms of ME/CFS with much less pain than in the beginning. (My wife and daughter also have ME/CFS, but they never got diagnosed by a Rheumatologist).

    Current thinking is that FM (i.e. widespread pain) is the result of many possible illnesses rather than being an illness in its own right. People with fm are always ill, question is with what? No disrespect intended but when Rheumatologists have to make a diagnosis on "the unknown" illness it tends to be FM. Over 60% of people with ME/CFS have widespread pain which is "FM". They don't have two diseases, only one underlying disease. (Even CFS is a stupid name but it is the one we are stuck with for now). Some are now saying "primary FM or secondary FM" Hmmm!

    Anyway, Aberlaine, glad to hear you have no major pain and long may it continue.
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  5. Mikie

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    We really don't know what FMS is. It does seem to travel with other conditions. Like many of these immune and/or auto-immune conditions, symptoms can come and go, decrease in severity, increase in severity, or stay static.

    I've had some symptoms of Sjorgen's but it hasn't manifested enough to get a diagnosis. It started out with more fatigue than I usually have with my FMS/CFIDS. I noticed that as the Sjogren's symptoms increase, my FMS pain has decreased, a silver lining. I take the Guai for FMS pain and salicylates will block the benefits. That means no supps nor personal-care products with botanicals. I finished up with topical chemo for skin cancer on my face and the dermatologist recommended skin products with vitamin C and Retinol. Most of these products contain botanical extracts. I'm using them and they don't seem to be blocking the Guai. Either that, or the FMS pain is greatly reduced.

    I hope you continue with less pain. One thing I've found out is that our condition can change over time.

    Love, Mikie

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